Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Wide Web Wednesday 07.29.09

Still here, still not much time for blogging. I'm on the downhill side of my own summer, meaning that I will be returning to work in approximately 4 days, 18 hours, and 20-some-odd minutes (by the time I post this).

But whose counting?

Anyway, for WWWW, I just had to post a video. I know this video has already gone viral so everyone has already seen it, but I think these people would be so fun to have as friends. Judging solely on their dance skills and complete lack of inhibition, I can say they look like like they have a total blast!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. THe video is fabulous!!

    Enjoy your final days off...

  2. I LOVE Phil Wickham's free cd - its my favorite cd right now. I responded to your comments on healthcare - you're right, it's a can of worms and it's not going to be solved in the comments on my blog! I do love a good discussion though, and I generally learn from the discussions I have, so I continue to post the big issues that people disagree about.

  3. I saw that earlier this week and it made me want to renew my vows and get some friends to be attendants! Only problem is that my hubby can't dance.

    Happy End of Summer!

  4. Have fun at work. Lots of them.

    Twitter: AboutParenting

  5. hey girl! I could watch that over and over it makes me happy!!

  6. that's seriously the best thing I've ever seen.


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