Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sadly, I don't have a yarn to spin into a tale that sends you sweetly (or running and crying) off to dreamland this evening, so I'm just going to share some snippets, hence my ever-so-clever post title.

I'm on Day Three of my low-cal eating plan and workout regimen. Which is to say, I'm starving and tired. And ever-so-pleasant, I assure you. I'm trying to stay between 1200-1500 calories a day, and I've been exercising each evening IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN HOME. You're welcome.

And right now I'm incredibly cozy. I took a hot shower after my workout tonight. If I may overshare for a moment, since this is my blog and all, I admit I don't always do that. Sometimes, I just change into fresh clothes, but tonight the workout sweat film was too overwhelming, so I showered AND washed my hair. Now, most normal people, after showering in the evening, would probably take a pass on the morning shower, but thanks to my fine stringy hair and the lack of miracle product that can reproduce that "fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling" I'll still be scraping myself out of bed in the AM to shower again.

But anyway, I'm feeling squeaky clean and warm in my PJs, wrapped in a blanket, catching up on the 2nd hour of AI this week.

Wait, I hear a phone call...

"Hi, Ryan Seacrest? This is a lumber jack. I want my flannel back."

By the way, I'm wondering how much EMPHASIS Ryan can put in the word "THIS" and "MER" (as in THIS is a-MER-ican Idol) before he gives himself a brain hemorrhage. I'm truly concerned for his health and well-being. And sense of style.

I tell ya, All the Reality is killing me and my DVR lately! What, with 2 HOURS of The Bachelor on Monday and then THREE HOURS (this week) of AI (um, AI producers- ever heard of overkill?), I'm so far behind on watching everything else I may as well just wait until everything is being replayed in summer reruns.

Originally, I had no intention of getting sucked into the trainwreck that is The Bachelor, with each rose ceremony more DRAMATIC than the last. How many times can Chris Harrison say that? But after the 1st episode, I felt so helplessly left out of all the water cooler convos that I set my DVR to record and I haven't been disappointed yet. I don't have much to add to the bloggy world reviews and recaps of TB, but I would like to.... Oh, I hear the phone again...

"Hi, is this Shannon the Stalker from Season 82 of The Bachelor? This is your grandma, I want my doily back."

So my point was, with all the terrible singing and dramatic rose ceremonies, I've got hours of DVR'ed shows to catch up on. That is all. Profound, huh?

As I'm now onto a Grey's Anatomy episode dated 1/8/09, I'm going to sign off now. And I'll leave you with a small life lesson: Never EVER EVER admit on public television to millions of viewers that you plan to french kiss your dogs, no matter how electric your toothbrush is.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding joy in dirty undies

Should Jason and I ever hit it big, say by winning the lottery or by Jason becoming the pastor of the Church of Sturgfam where people send us money for prayer towels and vials of blessed water (with both possibilities being equally likely, which is to say, not at all...), the one thing I plan to do with our unlimited funds is buy every member of our little household new underwear when the ones we have get dirty. Socks, too.

Our socks and unmentionables (can they, once I have mentioned them, still be called unmentionable?) would become disposable goods. Definitely not an environmentally sound idea, but definitely a sanity saving one. It's the stuff dreams are made of- never having to wash socks or underwear again. My dreams run DEEP, y'all.

Not that I want you to ponder my dirty laundry (literally) for too long, but I must admit I was able to fill an entire load of laundry out of our tightie whities tonight. And we have an extra-large capacity washer. The boys hamper was so full that the clothes piled up about 18 inches over where the lid was supposed to be. Once I pulled out the socks and undies, I was able to put the lid back on. It's a domestic travesty, I tell you what.

And now Piper is potty training and I promise NOT to go into detail about what I've found in her petite briefs. I'll leave that to your own imagination. Ew. Where is the ice pick to poke out my mind's eye when I need it?

Moving on.

As I was gathering up the stuff for the washer and dreaming of the day I never have to wash it again (Jesus, come quickly) I was convicted to take a quick check on my attitude. So I intentionally attempted to find joy in the disgusting dirty underwear.

And today the dirty laundry meant that my children have life- they're growing and learning and playing and living. We're all living it together. They get messy (I'm not necessarily talking about underwear here). Life gets messy. It creates even more work. But thank you, Jesus, that we have these wonderful moments to share. To watch the children grow. To be a family that pursues the Lord.

All that from dirty underwear, huh? Yep.

I'm certainly not trying to sound like a saint because I surely do not have the whole "do everything to the glory of the Lord" thing down. Not even close. My attitude can really suck about numerous things, but I'm working on it, 1 dirty brief at a time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grand Opening!

I'm so excited about the grand opening of my brand spankin' new blog!

And by "brand spankin' new" I mean that I just imported all of the old posts and links over here to a URL with a new name.

I like to keep my ones of readers guessing.

But I think I've finally scratched my itch to have a blog with a name that sort of makes sense. Because that's kind of what my blog is about- just stuff in general. And if you know my last name, the Sturg part should make sense to you.

Anyway, welcome! Leave me some love (comments)!

And if you are a Photoshop expert, I need a cool banner!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cade!

My dear sweet middle child turned FIVE yesterday! It's so hard to believe that he's growing up so quickly. I shouldn't be surprised, but sometimes it just hits me like a baseball bat. These moments are so bittersweet!

Cade has such a fun personality. He makes friends easily and is pretty "go with the flow" kind of boy. He loves to sing and entertain. I'll be surprised if he doesn't end up in the entertainment industry in some form or fashion.

In honor of his birthday, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of him from the past 5 years. If you can resist his baby blues, then your heart is dead and you are a shell.

I love you, Cade!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Awkward to the nth degree

As I count my blessings and name them one by one today, my DVR is going to make the Top Ten List.

Because I double-booked Cade's birthday party with the season premier of American Idol, I had the good fortune of watching AI with limited commercial interruptions. Thank you, Jesus. A 2-hour show whittled down to a half-hour (give or take).

And for the record, I'm not particularly fond of the new judge. It could have something to do with the fact that I'm generally reluctant to accept change of any kind, but there were just too many opinions spouting from the judges' table last night.

But even if I had been forced to sit through 2 complete hours of terrible singers and even worse personas, and a freakin' annoying new judge, it would have all been worth it to see Ryan Seacrest try to HIGH FIVE A BLIND DUDE. Did anyone else feel as uncomfortable as I did? And secretly happy that Ryan exposes himself to the be idiot that I think he really is?

Why didn't he just try to turn it into a pat on the guy's shoulder since his hand was already all the way up there anyway? No, instead he even MORE AWKWARDLY bent down and tapped the guy's hand and verbally explained that he was giving him a high five. Yeah. Good save, Ryan. GAH!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a Celebration Sell-Out

Even though I'm not genetically a creative person, I do actually give creativity a shot once in awhile. And due to my sincerest dislike of all children's items "character" in nature, I try to channel some creativity into planning their birthday parties with character-less themes. I actually pride myself on having NEVER ONCE planned a single child's birthday party (out of the 12 we've collectively "enjoyed") using a "character" theme. You want Superman? We do "super heroes." You want Clifford? We do "puppy dogs." I've got mad theme-spinning skillz. It's notches in my birthday belt, people.

And then there's today. My streak has been broken. I may as well have sold my soul to the character gods.

Cade's 5th birthday is Saturday, but we're having his friend party tonight. I thought we could get away from a theme by having a "location" party. I've invited a group of children, ranging form 3-6, to an indoor bounce house place. Since all the entertainment and games will be encompassed by All the Jumping, I thought I had gotten off theme-free. Until Cade put on his birthday party planning hat.

Cade, bless his heart, really has a love for life. He's so enthusiastic about everything. When we were discussing (by discussing I mean trying to talk him out of) party themes he wanted Superman! No, Spiderman! No, Diego! No, Transformers! No, Iron Man! No, Hulk! No, Batman! And on and on it went. Whatever happened to be in the forefront of his mind at the moment. Then he finally landed on Scooby Doo.

I tried to talk him out of it. I even tried outright refusing, short of stomping my foot and shouting NO like a 2 year old. I can't deny the thought did cross my mind when nothing else worked. But the sight of my heartbroken little man was too much for my conscience. Besides, I have a million reasons why I have just NOT had the time to plan a really great party and they all start with Micah, Cade, or Missy.

So I found myself at Local Party Goods Store last night picking up Scooby plates, napkins, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc, etc. All manner of Scooby crap available became property of me. I should have just bought stock in Hanna Barbera.

And the kids LOVED IT. It was the easiest party ever. I reserved the bounce house place a couple of weeks ago, but everything else was planned in a little more than 24 hours. It was truly a success, even if my character-free party planning streak has come to a crashing end. I'll admit, it was worth it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

So the obligatory New Year blog post is about a week late. I'm like the person in the audience who tries to be the last one clapping when the performance ends. Everyone else is silent and has mentally moved on, while I give one final CLAP! You know the person...

Anyway, I've been putting it off for the stupidest reason. Seriously. I can't even believe I'm going to admit it. But I am. My ridiculosity has reached a new level. It's ridonkulous. (I just saw a movie where they kept saying "ridonkulous" and I can NOT remember what it was. And by "just saw" I mean that it's been within the last 2 weeks. That's how bad my memory has gotten. If anyone can help out, I'll be your BFF.)

ANYWAY, I want a new blog name and url. But not just any name. A CLEVER name. A CUTE name. I think I've mentioned this a time or a hundred. I was going to start the new year with a fresh new blog with a great name. You know, "new year, new me" kind of thing. But "clever" isn't, unfortunately, in my genes. I'm more a dry, sarcastic kind of gal. And I can avoid my blog no longer. Apparently, avoidance is my defense mechanism when I feel I can't live up to the expectations I've placed upon myself, as evidenced several times by my blog.

So for now, I'm just gonna go with what I've got until some lightning bolt of genius strikes me. I hope no one, least of all ME, is holding their breath for that event.

I'd also love to think that I am blessed with such a flawless memory that I could post a few highlights of 2008. But seriously, I barely remember what day of the week it is from day to day, much less what happened last week. I need some ginkgo biloba or something. Isn't that supposed to be good for the memory? I can't remember...

Monday, January 5, 2009

I got tagged!!

I feel so special! My measly little blog received a nod in my friends Kym's blog. Well, it wasn't so much a "nod" as it was a "tag" but it still means someone was thinking of me! A first for me. Maybe 2009 will be full of goofy firsts. Thanks Kym!

Here goes (I'm not sure why the # is 8. With it being 200NINE, 9 would make better sense, but who cares? I got tagged!):

8 TV Shows I Watch
The Office
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Brothers and Sisters
Law & Order SVU
American Idol
(Judging by my choices, apparently I'm a fan of The Drama)

8 Favorite Restaurants
Pei Wei
Texas Roadhouse
Panera Bread
El Fenix
Luby's (yes, I am going on 90)

8 things that happened today
got soaked getting the kids to school
worked all day
ate chicken tacos for dinner
designed Cade's birthday party invite
recorded the boys jamming out to some rock tunes w/ a fake electric guitar
sang Lord's Army (and did the motions) w/ Missy
surfed the 'net
wrote a blog

8 things I look forward to
Jason getting a better job
tax refund money
summer vacation!!
finishing my Couch to 5K program
Missy being completely potty-trained
finding a good church family (which will hopefully go along w/ #1)
seeing old friends in GVille this weekend
losing a "few" pounds

8 things I wish for
"For all the children in the world to join hands and sing..."


I wish that my car would not completely fall apart before we can afford to buy another one.
I wish that it was possible to drop 2 dress sizes in 1 day. And keep it off. (Does that count as 2
I wish that my children were always polite, well-behaved, and always use inside voices without
being reminded.
I wish that I would never have to wipe someone else's rear end as long as I live.
I wish that it were possible to make money by staying home all day surfing the internet and
reading mystery novels.
I wish that my house would clean itself.
I wish that all that high-fat, high-calorie goodness was actually healthy
I wish for more wishes. HA!

8 songs I just listened to
Route 66- John Mayer
Viva la Vida- Coldplay
Lord's Army- my daughter
Jesus Loves Me- my daughter
Away in a Manger- my daughter (seriously, she did a complete recital this evening)
and a few Robbie Seay songs b/c that's what's playing in the CD player in our Hoopty Van

8 Movies I love
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The Usual Suspects
Kung Fu Panda
Happy Gilmore
Summer Magic

8 People I tag
I seriously do NOT think I have 8 people who will even see this, but I'll give it a shot (and if I tag you, it's only b/c most of you have probably left me a comment, so I know you've visited at least once. No good deed goes unpunished! :) )

Penny Rodgers
Tracey Fields
Denyse Bench
Jason Sturgeon
Jennifer Phifer
Jenny James
Johanna Warren
Jana Cotton