Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recognizing Weirdness

Today as I was driving the boys home from school, Micah, in a moment of introspection, asked, "Mommy, do you know what's weird about me?"

I had an answer on the tip of my tongue, but in an unusual moment of self-control, I simply asked, "What?"

Micah: "Well, sometimes I say I don't like to eat something but I really do. Like graham crackers. I say I don't like them, but I really do a little bit."

Me: "Why do you say you don't like something if you really do?"

Micah: "I don't know. That's the weird part."

Me: "That's not weird. There has to be a reason why you say you that."

Micah: "I wish I'd never gotten into this.

I know the feeling, buddy. I really do.


  1. Being weird is something to be proud of. :D I've been weird my whole life- normal is boring!

  2. hahahaha....that cracks me up!!! I do have to give you kudos on the self mind would have been racing on which actual characteristic I might have pointed out...jokingly and lovingly of course...!!

  3. Oh, Micah. When he's a genius billionaire someday, it's not going to matter if he's a little weird. In fact, I think that's a requirement.


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