Monday, August 11, 2008


Cade has some moderate hearing loss due to chronic fluid build up in his ears. We used to think it was selective hearing until we actually had his hearing tested and then felt guilty for all the times we got on to him when he said he didn't hear us tell him to do something. So he had tubes put in his ears last Tuesday. The audiologist who originally tested his hearing said that "we don't suspect it's a progressive hearing loss" which was actually not something I had considered until she actually suggested it. Hopefully he will regain his hearing once his some of the fluid is allowed to drain. That's why what I overheard the other day is so funny...

On Sunday morning, 5 days post-surgery, Jason was bathing Cade and I heard this conversation:

Jason: "Cade, can you hear better now that you have your tubes in?"

Cade: "What?"

Jason (considerably louder): "Can you hear better now that you have your tubes in?"

Cade: "Oh! Yeah."

Uhhh, sure. Let's hope for the best!

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  1. We had the EXACT same issue with Caleb- our 6 year old. It wasn't until he failed his hearing test at age 5 and 6 that I began to put it all together. We got tubes (a second set) and adnoids out in May. We returned several weeks later for another hearing test and all was perfect.

    We had been yelling at him for years- talk about a guilty mom and dad. Now he hears fine.

    Hopefully you'll experience the same thing!! I'll be praying for your sweet Cade!


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