Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Quick Takes: 08.28.09

Because I sometimes usually have difficulty composing slightly-better-than-mediocre posts out of the daily goings on at Sturghaus, and because my brain is so fried from the week that I can't even surf the internets AND watch TV at the same time (My goals. They are lofty.) when I originally saw this blog carnival on my blog friend Kacie's page, I decided to join in. Hang on to your seats, people. You're in for a moderately-paced ride.

I've had a dull aching discomfort behind my left eye all week, and based on sophisticated diagnostic testing (i.e. Google-ing "pain behind eye") I either have a tumor, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma or hysterical hypochondria. I'm going to try a new pair of contacts tomorrow and hope for the best. It's probably just sinuses. At least, I hope it is.

This was the first real week of the school year that I've been responsible for getting myself and the children out the door and to their respective drop-offs so that no one is tardy. Including me. While I'm not the model of self-discipline (please keep the gasping to a minimum), I have made it my goal this year to get up early enough to get myself ready before I rouse my little angels. I started strong, but woke up slightly later each day, which meant every morning teetered closer and closer to complete chaos and breakdown. I'll have to do better next week. If anyone has any great morning tips (besides preparing as much as I can the night before), I'd love to hear them. Especially if it will keep the boys on track with the morning expectations, without nonstop nagging on my part.

I can't WAIT for girls' night tomorrow night! I'm having some friends over for snacks, drinks (probably homemade Sangria, thanks to Lauren's blog), and chick flicks. Maybe we'll even braid each other's hair and play Truth or Dare. But I'm going to draw the line at prank calling the boys down the street. I'm afraid their parents would be most displeased. And we don't need anymore rude neighbors.

I got "The Call" from Micah's teacher this week. You know, the one requisite "positive" call teachers make in order to build a good relationship with the parents so that when the teacher has to be the bearer of bad news, the parent is more receptive. I was a teacher long enough to know that 76% of education is good PR. So now I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I almost had a panic attack today when I THOUGHT I had left my iPhone at my office when I made my Sonic Happy Hour run. How was I going to sit and do NOTHING for LITERALLY MINUTES while I waited for my Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper to be prepared and delivered? Thankfully it was a false alarm and I was back to my newest app addiction, Flood It, in no time. I'm not even going to reveal the embarrassing number of games I've played, but I've won 36% of them. I'm also addicted to free apps. But I will never admit that I'm such an iPhone nerd that I PAUSE iPhone commercials to check out the cool apps on the TV iPhones. There really is an app for everything.

I'm completely desperate for new fall TV, but I'm also thankful for the discovery of previously-unwatched -on-my-part shows this summer. Now I'm watching The Rachel Zoe Project (Thanks to Melanie) and reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Not to mention the countless hours of Phineas and Ferb I've enjoyed with the kids. It's seriously the BEST cartoon ever produced. Try it. You WILL like it.

I never knew how difficult it would be coming up with 7 quick takes until now. Since my memory is 35% better than a goldfish, I may need to make notes for future posts. If I remember.

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  1. oh. the call- hsven't gotten that yet :) Phineas and Feb, huh? Well he just startd asking me to watch that- he watched it over "Lily's house". So we'll give it a try....have a good weekend-girls night woo hoo!

  2. thanks for the linky love!! hope you like the sangria :)

    I PANIC EVERY TIME i think I have misplaced my iPhone. A fate worse than death. Also, I only ever get free apps. Sometimes I will pay, but 99c is my limit. ;)


  3. I too play with my iPhone while waiting on my Rt 44 drink at sonic! Too Funny! May I ask what you do? I know you work in a school and assumed you were a teacher but you said you USED to be a teacher. Just curious! I am resting up today after the first week of school! It wore me out!!!!

  4. Girl, you need to give up your iPhone for Lent. Or Advent. Or just to get a few extra minutes in the day! What did we ever do before iPhones?

    My phone just calls. It doesn't even text. very boring.

    And, at my house, I do not let my kids eat any breakfast until they are dressed, down to their shoes. So if they're hungry enough, that will motivate them to get moving. Also, I have gotten them their own alarm clocks. Maybe if they have a fun alarm clock that they can pick out themselves, they will be more likely to get up to it. You know, like Woody from Toy Story or Mickey Mouse or something like that.

  5. I have had to use the FIND PHONE mobile me feature twice this week. My kids keep hiding it.

    I am addicted to Words with Friends. My user name is ConnieWeiss...if you want to play.


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