Monday, November 23, 2009

Google feed questions

I realized recently that my blog only shows up as a partial feed in Google reader. Is this a completely annoying turn-off for blog readers?

I've had a continuously burning mental struggle considering the merits and drawbacks of partial and full feeds. Which probably means I need to get a real life.

On the one hand, I feel like a partial feed makes my stats more accurate because it pushes my traffic to the actual site so I can see how many people actually read my blog. Or at least navigate to it, even if they did find it by googling "I'm a very humble person t-shirt."

And let's be honest- I'm no Pioneer Woman. If my blog was getting zillions of hits daily, I don't think I would really care about stat-counting anymore. I would just know people were reading. I'd know it by the fact that my blog would have hundreds of comments. Because I'm intuitive like that. But if I get 20ish hits in a day, I'm pretty pumped. 30 or more and I'm ready to break out the good wine. The one you drink from the box.

On the other hand, I prefer to be able to access full feeds through reader which makes me a hypocrite, plain and simple. There are few blogs I find myself interested in enough to click through the partial feed to the original post. I try to leave comment love on all of the smaller blogs I read (which means accessing the original post), but the others, like PW, I just peruse in my reader because I'm lazy.

So, what say you, readers? Both of you. Partial or full feed? Or Choice C, which is "I think you should just shut this whole operation down, stat!"


  1. Hmm I guess I never thought about until you mentioned it--I'd like to pick and choose myself--like you said I click through to my bloggy friends to leave comments--but others, time constraints or lack of interest prohibits me. Since I click over to your site, I can't decide. But don't shut down the whole operation!! :0
    BTW, I did give my review of NM, last Thursdays post--you may have missed it--did you not see it in your reader? :) :)

  2. I have partial feed. I work hard on my posts and I like to make people click through to read instead of cheating and reading the cliff notes.

    When my blog gets bigger...I will go back to a full feed for the same reasons you just talked about.

  3. I'm kind of like you - my bloggy friends I will click over and read the full post regardless, but for others, I just like to catch-up with my reader.

    But, like you, I also kinda like knowing my stats - I've even considered changing to a partial feed myself.

    So I think however you like it is just fine.

    And you're welcome, I know I was absolutely no help here at all ;).

  4. I always click over to the full feed. I'm a stat whore and like to give people their due. :D

  5. I like full feeds and only jump to the actual blog if I want to comment like today. Otherwise I skip the blog entirely. My computer can't handle lots of opening up of blog pages especially (not yours) the ones that take forever to load or have music. It shuts me down.

  6. I personally like having the full read on my google reader. I'll be honest, since we're being honest, Right"? I find partial views annoying! Nothing personal! Love your blog still!! And I totally get wanting to know your true stats!!

    Happy Thanksgiving week!!


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