Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have a confession (Alternate title: The Dumbest Reason Not to Blog)

I haven't blogged in almost a month. Have I been busy? Absolutely. But has a tiny part of me just been avoiding blogging altogether? Absolutely.

See, I have a serious case of blog envy. Serious. Because my blog doesn't have a niche. I've faced this before. I tried to pretend it doesn't bother me. But lately it's been paralyzing to the point of avoiding the blog completely.

I don't have goals for my blog. I never really figured I needed them. I was blogging because I liked it. But somewhere along the way, I realized there's so much more that REAL bloggers do that I don't. I don't have a niche. I can't take pictures worth beans. Based on the number of meals I've burned/overcooked/otherwise rendered inedible lately in my lifetime, there's no need to be tuning in for the debut of my cooking blog. I work full-time, so I'm not writing a homeschool/preschool/mom-blog. I consider myself successful when I access wireless internet on my iPhone without imploding the universe, so I certainly can't add anything to the tech blog scene. Of course, there's nothing like good writing, and this is nothing like good writing. And have you read Boomama and Bigmama? Wit that cannot be matched.

So, what exactly am I doing and why would anybody want to read (besides you, mom)?

I considered participating in NaBloPoMo just to get back on the bandwagon, but seriously, NOVEMBER? That's like saying, "You know what's brilliant? For me to impose completely unnecessary and arbitrary stress into my life really close to the holidays when I'm already thisclose to needing a dose or ten of Prozac in order to manage all the gift-buying, menu-planning, schedule-juggling, budget-drafting, house-decorating, school-partying hoopla that accompanies this quarter of the year!"

So, maybe I'm having a tiny identity crisis. An itsy bitsy pity party. If you want to join me, I'll bring the black balloons and you bring the snacks. You definitely don't want me cooking.


  1. Would you like a suggestion? How about a blog geared towards working mom's and the joys and struggles that go along with being a working mom.

    So much of the blogosphere is about SAHMs, that I think working mom's probably feel a little left out. I know a friend of mine is feeling isolated as a working mom and could use encouragement that it's not just her!

    Just my opinion...

  2. Man, can't you see it? You are the Seinfeld of blogging. The blog about nothing. And see how successful Seinfeld was?

    Seriously, you are just funny. And you don't have to be roll-on-the-floor, spit-out-my-coffee-on-the-monitor funny to be worth reading. You're relatable. You're genuine. You're not ooey gooey my child is perfect. YOu're just you. That's why I'm going to keep reading!

  3. Crap blogger just ate my comment.

    What I said before was that you are a wonderful blogger and i started following and commenting because you were funny and write well. Not everyone needs to be a mommy blogger or photo blogger or whatever blogger. Be original. Be you. :) *hugs*

  4. you do have a niche--you are damn funny--and write about the silliness of life! and do you want to know something? I'm trying to break out of my niche b/c I dont like the restrictions I put on myself anymore-- I am going to be changing the name of my blog (someday soon if I can manage all the frickin' work it might take)so I can talk about whatever I want... I've already started doing that so hopefully it'll work for me...SO here's to a bunch of nothing, girl :)

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I feel that exact same and have been wondering what in the world my blogging "niche" is...lately its been turning into all about my son, but I'm not necessarily sure thats what I want. I think you are hilarious and I kind of like Rebecca's suggestion of a working mom blog. Good luck with it!

  6. Screw NaBloPoMoFo. I'll tell you what you need to do, girl. You go on month long bender right around the holidays. Blog something every day about your dealings with the sober and we'll watch what happens. There's your niche. Back there in the back of the pantry. Ahem.

  7. WOW! Your thing is the sarcasm. You are hilarious in such a subtle, but brilliant way. I just read a little bit and I loved it! Also, I just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello because you entered a giveaway I had hosted over at Tip Junkie for the 12 Days of Junkie. I just wanted to say thanks for participating in the giveaway and your kind comments about my art. I am offering a 20% discount now through Christmas for those that have entered any of my giveaways. By the way, I do giveaways pretty often on my blog. So stop by and become a follower so you know when to enter! I would just love to do something for you! God Bless!

    I'll be back to read again for sure!


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