Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In lieu of a clever title

It seems that I've been on a bit of an unplanned, unannounced bloggy hiatus. I'm like the TV show you love (or at least watch because there's nothing better on at the moment. Or you're too dang lazy to change the channel when your favorite show is over) that premieres at the most random of times (Glee, anyone?)

And while I'm on the topic of TV, whatever happened to the good ole days when all the new shows started in September, went on a break around the holidays, premiered new episodes sometime in January/February, and went into reruns for the summer? It was predictable and consistent and if I'm nothing if not resistant to change. And why can't anyone pen a letter anymore? Kids these days, with their instant messages and the texts and the emails and code-talking....

OK, moving out of Aunt Linda mode, where was I? Bloggy break... yes. There's really no way to sum up the last month of our lives except to say we've been in Moving Hell.

It's not as though the gunfire we heard almost nightly at our old place didn't soothe us to sleep like a sweet lullaby. Only it didn't.

And it's not like we didn't adore living in an old house with a pier-and-beam foundation that made dropping a napkin on the floor sound like the equivalent of a sonic boom. Except we didn't.

So we spent the better part of March moving all our crap across town. And you never realize just how much crap you have until you have to box it up and move it a few miles down the road. And then you feel like all the random crap you have is suffocating you to to the point where you'd rather just go back to simpler times when a family didn't have to find a box for their 5 pairs of nail clippers, 14 clear glass vases, 1,352 DVDs, and toys with a million tiny pieces of various and sundry tools and weaponry that end up underneath the couch, but the rest of the toys are already boxed up and loaded in the truck so everything that's left on the floor is just going to go into the trash BECAUSE I'M SO TIRED OF DEALING WITH THIS MESS.

Or I could be projecting.

We finally got all of our stuff transferred to a new place, with a few incidental activities thrown into our schedule for additional chaos (because we like to live adventurously). Like a trip to Minneapolis (and my first Jucy Lucy from Matt's Bar). And a trip to Little Rock. And some strep throat. And a weekend visit from friends. And a walk to the creek because the weather was so gorgeous. And a TV day because the weather decided to rain and freeze again. And LOTS of unpacking, organizing, cleaning, purging, and (ashamedly) a teensy bit of losing of the temper.

Our nerves have been frazzled, y'all.

So maybe now things are settling down as we settle in. Or maybe I'm just dealing with it better. Or maybe I've completely stopped caring. Whatever it is, I think my blogging mojo is back. But it could still be packed away in one of those boxes of useless stuff in the garage. I'll have to get back to you on that.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're back! Even if your mojo is packed in the garage, as long as its not one of those superfluous items that got left behind and trashed out of desperation, we'll be ok =)
    And I'm totally with you on that TV schedule...what's up with that?

  2. My husband despises the way they do the new tv schedules. He is always telling me, "but this is when they are supposed have the new episodes..." I'm not sure why reruns are my fault.

  3. The repeats lately have been basketball related. I don't watch BB.

    Can't wait for GLEE!

    When we moved to UT...movers packed our stuff and it was like Christmas for 3 week while I unpacked boxes that were not clearly marked.

  4. NICE to hear from you!!!!!!! ugghh the moving crap!

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  6. We moved 18mo ago and you just brought back all the nightmares , I swear I have PTSD from moving with kids, isn't it a pain? Next time we move I am sending daddy and the kids on a trip to the cabin for a week or two and am going to do it all myself and they will just come home to a new house, it would be easier on everyone! :-)


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