Thursday, February 25, 2010

WWWday 02.25.10

A few items have really spoken to me lately and I'd like nothing better than to share them with you.

(OK, that's not entirely true. I'd like to make it be Friday already more than I'd like to share these links with you, but since that's selfish and impossible, I'm all about the share. I'm giving like that.)

This speaks to my sensibilities:

If you live in the 21st century, use a search engine on a regular basis and enjoy getting free stuff, then you should sign up for SwagBucks. It's the 2nd birthday of SwagBucks, so you earn more bucks by signing up NOW.

(SB is simply a search engine (ala Google, Yahoo, et. al.), but when you search you can earn bucks and your accumulated bucks can be exchanged for some cool stuff, including gift cards to, iTunes, or Starbucks. So join today!!)

This speaks to what a loser I am (Sing along with me- Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser, baby, so why doncha kill me. (I don't really mean that last part, but I am a terrible horrible bloggy loser)):

LynnAnn is the lucky winner or the giveaway I held so long ago that everyone has probably forgotten about it by now. LynnAnn is one of my IRL friends from college who also writes a hilarious blog she calls RULES. Please read it.

These things speak to my heart:

A video over at is a good word on anger that really spoke truth and conviction into my life today. If you click nothing else, click on this one.

Another video from the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. So many people in need should not leave us unmoved and apathetic. Please don't be apathetic.


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