Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SITS Spring Fling 2010


I am an idiot.

Last year for SF, there was a Mr. Linky for prizes being given away at various blogs. So I thought I needed a giveaway this year. However, this year's SF is considerably different.

And I'm the last to figure it out.

I thought about deleting this post entirely, but figured since a few people subscribe in Reader, it wouldn't do any good.

If you still want my lame homemade coasters, feel free to leave me a comment. Otherwise, please pretend as though this post never existed, and let's never mention it again. Thank you for your cooperation.

Carry on.

Welcome to everyone who is stopping by from the SITS Spring Fling!

And if you're NOT stopping by from the SITS Spring Fling, rest assured that I have not lost my mind (yet). Let me introduce you to SITS: It's a community of women (and a secure man or two) dedicated to supporting one another by leaving LOTS of blog comments.

Go check them out (after you finish reading THIS post, of course)!

Yesterday (Monday) morning I checked Twitter and saw that someone commented on how they couldn't wait for SITS Spring Fling. And I about went into cardiac arrest right then and there thinking that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Spring Fling and did it start Monday? Oh please don't let it be Monday! Because if it's Monday, I was nowhere near prepared!

I probably need to pop a Xanax or five to loosen my tightly wound string.

So I was relieved when I clicked over to the SITS website and discovered I had a few more hours to prepare my post, since SF was actually scheduled to start on today (Tuesday).

Now you might be thinking that since I had some unexpected extra time for preparation, that this will be a really stellar blog post.

But that will be a NEGATIVE, GHOSTRIDER. So don't get your hopes up.

I'm still churning out the same sporadic mediocrity! Only this time I'm adding a giveaway!

Is there anything that can't be made more palatable with free stuff?

My giveaway for the Spring Fling is 2 sets of decorative, handmade, one-of-a-kind stone coasters (4 to a set)! That means there will be 2 winners!

(That description sounds a little like the actual stone tiles are handmade. They're not. Since I'm not a stone welder or whatever you call someone who makes things out of stone. I just decorate them to look pretty.)

Pictures forthcoming (because I understand that a pictureless giveaway practically renders the entire undertaking useless, but I only promise inadequacy. ) I pinky swear!

To enter, simply leave me a comment. I'd love for you to follow me, but I feel bad making it a condition of the giveaway. But a SINCEREST THANK YOU to those of you who do!

Be sure to head over to Tip Junkie and enter to win some other great prizes!

Happy spring, everyone!


  1. OOOH didn't know you were doing a PRIZE for SITS SF, girl! Cool beans!!
    I didn't do it this time around, but it IS a whirlwind ride when you do!

  2. I forgot all about it. Were we supposed to write a post about it?

  3. I thought the same thing! You're not the only one! Last week when I heard about SF I started thinking "what I was going to give away" and then realized that it was different. I have to say I enjoyed last years better! This year the site is being hit by so many people I can't even comment! Kind of frustrating!!

    Does this put me in the running for the coasters?


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