Friday, September 12, 2008

Because I'm pumped full of caffeine

It's after 2AM on Saturday morning. I had a terribly long and terrible week with too much work and a spiteful cold. Despite my busyness and sickness, my house managed to cling to its filthiness until I could tackle some chores this evening. How patient and thoughtful my home is. And how quickly my mother-in-law will be arriving tomorrow. Now my mother-in-law is a delightful person and has never ever once criticized my lack of housekeeping prowess. However, she herself is the goddess of good organization and housekeeping skills. She inspires me. To get my house straight before she gets here. So that I'm not too embarrassed. Knowing that I needed to get alot of chores done tonight, I dosed myself up on caffeine. 2 cups of coffee. At 10PM.

So now it's nigh the break of dawn. OK, the break of dawn is still several hours away. Whatever.
The point is, it's waaaay too late for me to be awake when my kids are going to be the ones to pay for it when they hop out of bed at around sunrise. Fighting and yelling, to be sure. And I'm oh-so-pleasant on mere minutes of sleep.

But I'm still surfing the 'net, following the impending approach of Hurricane Ike, and browsing blogs. And I just discovered that my friend Denyse added the Cutest Layout Ever to her blog! And since I rarely have an original thought, I figured I'd just locate her source and get my own adorable layout. But since my computer is running on reserve battery power, and because I should totally be sleeping right now, a new blog layout will have to wait. I'm just hoping my blog posts don't disintegrate, explode or spontaneously combust in the change-over. I just wanted to give everyone fair warning. I hope I don't destroy the whole realm of blogging when I add a layout. Wish me luck! And sleep. Wish me sleep more than luck. Thanks.

Oh, and also thanks to Denyse, I'm considering adding one of those cutesy blog things where you do a regular "theme" post once a week. Like "Wisdom Wednesday" or "Thrifty Thursday." Any brilliant suggestions? I told you I'm not original...

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  1. Oh, I am so flattered. Thanks for the nod. Hope that you have a nice visit with your mother-in-law and that you won't suffer any ill effects from your caffeine binge.


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