Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the words of Jesse Spano...

"I'm so excited... I'm so excited.... I'm so....scared." OK, I'm not scared, but I can barely say "I'm so excited" without channeling the characters of Saved by the Bell.

I AM excited!! The Office starts in less than 24 hours!! I still don't have my Angela outfit, unfortunately. A minor thing like "finding shoes for my sister's wedding which is less than 4 weeks away and I still have to have my dress altered, so it was find shoes today or else" took precedence in the errand-running for this evening. I have a good idea about the type of clothing I'll be looking for to transform myself into Angela, and I know it certainly won't be green b/c Angela thinks green is "whore-ish." And I'll need to locate a stuffed cat...

I'm actually thinking of taking off work early so I can get to Goodwill (the foster home for good costume pieces waiting to be readopted) and go grocery shopping for some party food items before the rest of The Office staff arrive. I think that makes me all shades of crazy. Can't WAIT!!!


  1. You crack me up. Leave it to you so dress like a fellow Baylor alum- too bad her character doesn't like green... I'm sure the real Angela loves it! Have fun at your party tonight. Maybe you can make out with Dwight!

  2. You know...when we last saw Angela in the season finale, she wasn't wearing much of anything...and she was at a party, come to think of it! So, if all else fails...

  3. Please wear a pillbox hat. And take photos.


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