Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Blogging

I'll be honest, I'm not sure how to transition into a new post after the last one. Is there an appropriate amount of time one should wait before moving on? I am praying for my friends, but at this time there is little else I can do.

Blogging is much harder than I thought it would be. To those of you who disagree that it's difficult, I counter with an intelligent and resounding, "Is too!"

Am I taking myself too seriously? Probably. Since I started blogging last weekend, I have no less than a half dozen partially-written posts in my blogger "queue" just waiting to be chosen, completed, and published (oooh, kind of like a work of grace... hmmmm...). I'm actually a little obsessed with my blog right now. Even though no one is really reading (if you are reading, are you catching my passive-aggressive plea for affirmation?), I still want it to be something worthwhile should someone actually decide to check it out regularly.

I do find myself holding back quite a bit on posts I actually publish, but it's nice to have a place to put all my thoughts down even if I never actually turn those thoughts into an actual post. Just getting it out there is very cathartic. I didn't realize I had so many thoughts! I do seem to be having trouble articulating some of them to make them post-worthy. Also, I've never been very good at journaling, but this seems easier- probably b/c I type at a decent rate- most likely faster than I could write legibly. And it's faster to go back and edit on the computer to make it sound just like I want it to.

Today was not a great day, considering the news we received about our friends. However, there are a couple of random things I did today that I'm happy about (because it's all about me, right?):

1. I made Piper a great lunch. We had to make our daily trek to the store-who-must-not-be-named and I thought about getting her something quick and easy, but also full of preservatives and other non-food items. But I didn't- I cooked her a chicken breast, with an organic apple and some cheese. I wouldn't say I was exactly crunchy, but maybe a little crispy. I'm trying to make small changes in the things my family eats, and this was just one step on the road.

2. I spent time with the boys individually at bedtime. Sometime a week or so ago, I instituted a new piece to the boys' bedtime ritual. I lay down beside them each night and just chit chat. It gives me a chance to listen to them, pray with them and tell them how much I love and adore them and it makes our last interaction of the day much more pleasant. Bedtime can be frustrating for several reasons. Usually, by bedtime I've had my fill and I'm ready for them to pass out. By nature of their ages, they just want to play and be silly. I tend to lose my cool, but I was feeling convicted about frequently sending them to bed on a negative note. So I decided to try to get a minute or two of quality time in at night and send them to bed with sweet thoughts. Some nights we get home too late, but I got to talk with them tonight. It was precious.

3. I had a great talk with Micah about obeying the Lord. He's so smart and his heart is so sensitive. I pray that Christ will draw Micah (as well as Piper and Cade) to himself and that they will follow Him all the days of their lives.

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