Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I won't say

What I'd really like to complain about is how this morning completely fell apart. I was rocking along until about 7:15 and then everything went downhill. FAST.

Much like Chevy Chase around the 2:00 mark:

I'd like to complain that I poured the last cup of liquid energy (AKA coffee) into my cup and ruined it with Splenda-sweetened creamer. I drank it anyway, nasty aftertaste and all, because I don't know how to use Jason's newfangled coffee-/espresso-/cappuccino-making Machine of the Future.

I'd like to complain that when it was time to get Missy dressed this morning, I could find ZERO shoes for her. ZERO. Not even a mismatched pair. Because Missy plays with them and rarely puts them back in her shoe basket. So I sent her to the sitter's house in slippers.

I'd really like to complain that Micah's school snack bucket was broken and on his way to our van today, the entire bucket fell apart and a dozen apples went rolling down our driveway. It took all 4 of us to round them up while Micah fretted about bruised and dirty fruit.

And finally, I'd like to complain that one of my tires was low and when I went to air it up, Jason had left the hose and the filler-upper attachment unattached. Since I couldn't figure out how to get it back together myself, I had to call him at work and then freeze my tail off while airing up my tire.

But I won't complain about any of that because complaining is generally fruitless. Complaining isn't going to change the events of my morning even a smidgen.

What I would NOT like to tell you is how I handled minor adversities, slight hiccups in an otherwise normal morning routine. But it was like a child who throws tantrums, that's how. I got angry. I lashed out. It was ugly.

When I had the chance to cool down, I felt guilty and ashamed.

So instead of complaining, I'll tell you that it's days like these that I'm thankful.

Thankful that my children forgive, quickly and unconditonally.

Thankful that the Lord's mercies aren't just new every morning. They are new every hour, every minute, every second.

Thankful for another heartbeat, another breath, another passing moment of life that affords me the opportunity to change, by His grace alone.

Thankful, without complaint.



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  1. Some days are just like that, aren't they? Hopefully, they are few and far between =)

  2. Hate.Those.Days...but yes it takes effort to force yourself to look at the positive. I would be SO frustrated about the apples though :)


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