Thursday, January 28, 2010

World Wide Webday 01.28.10

Name change alert! The "internationally" acclaimed bloggy feature here on SIG, World Wide Web Wednesday, is officially changing to World Wide Webday.

The name might be so cheesy that you can actually feel your arteries clogging, but committing to only posting links on Wednesday was too restrictive for me. I want to be able to post links I love whenever I good and well feel like it, dadgummit, regardless what day of the week it is.

My original intent was that WWWW might become a wildly popular weekly blog carnival, but neither one of my readers was interested in participating.

With the blog carnival idea in the crapper, and with other bloggers already using blog titles like "Linky Love," "Links I Love," etc. I obsessed for 45 whole seconds over something original and came up with "Webday."

It may be proof that I don't perform well under self-imposed, arbitrary pressure.

Moving on...

With so much current emphasis on helping the people of Haiti, I think it's timely to bring into focus some other really cool ways people can get involved in helping people in poverty all over the world.

(To clarify, I'm not trying to take the focus off Haiti or diminish their need in any way at all. Please, continue to give and support the efforts there! The after-effects of that devastation will be felt for years. Let's not get complacent and near-sighted simply because the need is no longer right in front of our noses.)

(Several of these links are courtesy of my friend Lee Ann, who I wish would start her blog up again. Hint, hint, Lee Ann. I am not directly affiliated with any of these organizations, nor am I getting any sort of compensation or incentive for posting. Seriously, I have a handful of readers. These people do not know I exist.)

Tiny Rockstar has the CUTEST line of baby and kid tees/onesies. Their mission? Buy a shirt, feed an orphan for a month. I recently placed an order for 2 shirts for the boys, but I haven't received them yet. The online designs, though, are awesome! You have to buy clothes for your children anyway... Why not shop through Tiny Rockstar?

147 Million Orphans is doing amazing things to help orphans worldwide. They've also created a line of gear to raise funds for orphans in Haiti. Please check them out and BUY SOMETHING!

You might be thinking that some of these items are more expensive than what you would normally pay for a similar item. Maybe that your money would go "farther" somewhere else where you can buy a $6 t-shirt or a $10 necklace. However, I think if we all changed our mindsets from quanitiy to quality and agreed to buy less stuff (really, who can't get by with less?) our money would go actually go farther by furthering His kingdom!

Finally, if you do not have any desire whatsoever to be moved into action to help orphans and those in extreme poverty, if you are perfectly content in your own life and have no propensity to change, DO NOT click the link to Katie's blog!

Consider yourself warned. It WILL change your life.

I found Katie's blog from We Are THAT Family a few weeks ago. Then I spent the better part of my work day several hours poring over her blog, soaking up her story, moved to tears and desiring to DO something that will make a difference. I don't know what that is yet, but I bet you will feel the same after reading.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." James 1:27


This is post #199! In celebration of 200 posts, the big giveaway will be MONDAY!! It will be super fun, so stay tuned!!!


  1. I found Katie's blog a year ago and it is UNBELIEVABLE. It makes me rethink everything.

    By the way, I am going to do the sew along and you can check out the details on my blog if you are interested!


  2. I follow We are that Family too. I love her!
    You're right, no one wants to take the focus off of the tragedy that is happening in Haiti, but even in our own world so many are struggling.

    We've looked into adoption and in our 1 little state alone there are (don't quote me) over 20,000 children that need homes.
    I think it very quickly puts your life into perspective.


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