Monday, January 25, 2010

X-Games, here we come!

Since our family increased the children's attendance in our new congregation by 150%, I feel blessed that we had the foresight to get the boys involved in the Awana program at another local church.

(Sidenote: Is it ever appropriate to refer to it as Awanas? As in, "The boys have Awanas tonight?" Or is "Awanas" the Christian equivalent of "Wal Marts"? Does the term refer only to the club in general or to the clubbers also, so then the plural would be correct? Like, "All the Awanas meet in this room." Things that keep me awake at night...)

If you aren't familiar with Awana (Awanas?), the focus is on scripture memory, and the clubbers get points for learning their material each week. In addition, they get points for good habits like wearing their uniform, checking in punctually each week at club, and participating in various theme nights throughout the club season. At the end of each semester, the clubbers get to cash in all their accrued points for Awana bucks to spend in the Awana "store."

With this being our first Awana experience, I had no idea what type of items the boys might potentially have the opportunity to "buy," but in my mind I pictured endless tables stocked with a variety of plastic-y trinkets, not unlike the Cheap Crap Bar at Chuck E. Cheese.

So it's understandable why I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I picked up Micah from his classroom and saw that he was the proud owner of one of these:

(It's a skateboard. Tragically, Micah's doesn't say "Holy" on it, although I totally wish it did, because as much as the idea of my least coordinated child on a skateboard makes me chuckle, THIS board flat out CRACKS ME UP! It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "Holy Roller.")

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Anyway, Micah tucked his new treasure under his arm and confidently headed to the car as cool as if he was the next Tony Hawk headed out to the X Games.

I bet Tony bought his first skateboard with Awana bucks, too.

The next day after school, he begged me to allow him to try out his new set of wheels. But first! He had to get dressed like a skater.

Apparently, these days skaters are into white tees and sunglasses ala The Fonz, layered with clearance Gymboree fleece.

And before you go reporting me to Child Protective Services for allowing my child on the Wheels of Death without proper equipment, rest assured that this picture fully captures the speed at which he was rolling along. Which means slightly faster than a dead snail.

He wanted to stay on the driveway, mainly because it's gently sloped downward, so he had to put very little effort into maintaining forward motion.

His best trick was facing his body one direction and turning his head the other direction to look at the camera. Without losing his balance while at a complete standstill. So I'm pretty sure he'll be landing the 900 any day now.

(Yes, I'll admit I had to google "skateboard tricks" to get that one.)

If this new skateboarding ambition goes anywhere, I just hope Micah gets his name on a boys' clothing line at Kohl's.


If my Blogger dashboard is not leading me astray, this will be my 197th post! Which means post Numero 200 is 3 mediocre posts away (I kill at math AND Spanish). In celebration of 200 posts, I have a giveaway planned! It will be super fun, so stay tuned. I'm a terribly sporadic poster, so I can't promise an exact DATE, so just keep checking back. But I promise not to keep you waiting long.


  1. Oh my word! I have the same dilemma with AWANA/Awanas. I personally perfer the plural s.
    The "holy roller" comment made me laugh out loud. I know you have a husband, three kids and a job, not to mention a ridiculously stringent reading schedule; but I really wish you were able to post more often. You always make my day =)

  2. Yep, i think most people have that sort of memory for college, not high school. College was great for me too, but that totally transformational time was high school.

  3. That is such a cute picture! Kudos to him for getting on that thing. That's a far cry from a plastic trinket.

  4. He really does look like the FONZ! Stopping by from SITS! Was the FONZ a Holy Roller?

  5. oh my word, that is the funniest post I've read in a LOOONNNGGG time. Why don't you have like a zillion followers? I'm going to have to spread the word about you.

    ps how is the bible in 90 days thing coming along?


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