Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

So the obligatory New Year blog post is about a week late. I'm like the person in the audience who tries to be the last one clapping when the performance ends. Everyone else is silent and has mentally moved on, while I give one final CLAP! You know the person...

Anyway, I've been putting it off for the stupidest reason. Seriously. I can't even believe I'm going to admit it. But I am. My ridiculosity has reached a new level. It's ridonkulous. (I just saw a movie where they kept saying "ridonkulous" and I can NOT remember what it was. And by "just saw" I mean that it's been within the last 2 weeks. That's how bad my memory has gotten. If anyone can help out, I'll be your BFF.)

ANYWAY, I want a new blog name and url. But not just any name. A CLEVER name. A CUTE name. I think I've mentioned this a time or a hundred. I was going to start the new year with a fresh new blog with a great name. You know, "new year, new me" kind of thing. But "clever" isn't, unfortunately, in my genes. I'm more a dry, sarcastic kind of gal. And I can avoid my blog no longer. Apparently, avoidance is my defense mechanism when I feel I can't live up to the expectations I've placed upon myself, as evidenced several times by my blog.

So for now, I'm just gonna go with what I've got until some lightning bolt of genius strikes me. I hope no one, least of all ME, is holding their breath for that event.

I'd also love to think that I am blessed with such a flawless memory that I could post a few highlights of 2008. But seriously, I barely remember what day of the week it is from day to day, much less what happened last week. I need some ginkgo biloba or something. Isn't that supposed to be good for the memory? I can't remember...


  1. You're welcome, Ma'am!

    Hope you have a better day today!

  2. Was the movie Bolt? I believe the hamster said "ridonkulous" a couple times...
    What about "According to the Sturgeon General..." for your blog title? You know, instead of Surgeon General. Bad, huh?

  3. @ Denyse: YES it WAS Bolt! Thank you!

    Hmmm, Sturgeon General could have a double meaning, if I actually ran my home like the military. I can only wish for half of that discipline! Thanks for trying! It might grow on me actually....


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