Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding joy in dirty undies

Should Jason and I ever hit it big, say by winning the lottery or by Jason becoming the pastor of the Church of Sturgfam where people send us money for prayer towels and vials of blessed water (with both possibilities being equally likely, which is to say, not at all...), the one thing I plan to do with our unlimited funds is buy every member of our little household new underwear when the ones we have get dirty. Socks, too.

Our socks and unmentionables (can they, once I have mentioned them, still be called unmentionable?) would become disposable goods. Definitely not an environmentally sound idea, but definitely a sanity saving one. It's the stuff dreams are made of- never having to wash socks or underwear again. My dreams run DEEP, y'all.

Not that I want you to ponder my dirty laundry (literally) for too long, but I must admit I was able to fill an entire load of laundry out of our tightie whities tonight. And we have an extra-large capacity washer. The boys hamper was so full that the clothes piled up about 18 inches over where the lid was supposed to be. Once I pulled out the socks and undies, I was able to put the lid back on. It's a domestic travesty, I tell you what.

And now Piper is potty training and I promise NOT to go into detail about what I've found in her petite briefs. I'll leave that to your own imagination. Ew. Where is the ice pick to poke out my mind's eye when I need it?

Moving on.

As I was gathering up the stuff for the washer and dreaming of the day I never have to wash it again (Jesus, come quickly) I was convicted to take a quick check on my attitude. So I intentionally attempted to find joy in the disgusting dirty underwear.

And today the dirty laundry meant that my children have life- they're growing and learning and playing and living. We're all living it together. They get messy (I'm not necessarily talking about underwear here). Life gets messy. It creates even more work. But thank you, Jesus, that we have these wonderful moments to share. To watch the children grow. To be a family that pursues the Lord.

All that from dirty underwear, huh? Yep.

I'm certainly not trying to sound like a saint because I surely do not have the whole "do everything to the glory of the Lord" thing down. Not even close. My attitude can really suck about numerous things, but I'm working on it, 1 dirty brief at a time.


  1. Problems solved:
    1. Flip-Flops
    2. Disposable Undergarments.
    Heres wishing you "Loads" of Fun.

  2. @Johanna: The boys beg to wear flip flops everyday! Socks are one reason I hate the winter.

  3. I agree on the dirty undies. Wish we had the option!


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