Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AI Recap: Top 7 AGAIN

Once I recovered from my AI deja-vu, with it being Top 7 AGAIN, I realized they cut out the cheesy interview/video intros. Assumedly (I just made that word up) for the sake of time. Which tells me there is a Lord and he does care about my DVR.

So here's my measly $0.02 on tonight's performances.

Lil: My first thought was, "Lead me not into cruise ship performances and deliver me from All The Whitney Houston Karaoke." I know this song was done prior to Whitney, but also by a more powerful singer than Lil. I just know the Whitney version best. It seems like this song has been done once or 200 times. But maybe it's just that someone always insists on undersinging this type of song every season. And Lil made the same AI choice of death. On her outfit, I was required to wear a similar head to toe spandex outfit at dance team practice circa the mid-90s.

Kris: Because I'm in the habit of either fast-forwarding through the Ryan Seacrest portions or just straight up ignoring him, I didn't recognize the song at first. But once Kris got to the chorus, I realized how much I LOVED the arrangement and LOVE his voice. He totally made it his own with sort of a Santana vibe, even though I thought the song choice was weird.


I'm voting for Kris.

Danny: He really changed things up this week. This time around, he STARTED with the belting. Then brings it down to just singing powerfully. Rather than the other way around. Interesting switch Danny. But don't get me wrong, I love his voice and think he's a great singer. I thought he looked a little like Robert Downey Jr. with the stubble this evening. I also saw a sign that said GO GO Gokey, which totally reminded me that I thought he looked like Inspector Gadget a few weeks ago. Long story short, I liked it.

Allison: She must have been on the brink of heat stroke in those leather leggings. Jason thought she was dressed as a disco ball, which fit right in with the theme AND cracked me up. I didn't love the arrangement, but it was original. My overall impression was that I didn't like the performance, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. I would kill as an AI judge, what with all my technical musical knowledge.

Speaking of musical knowlegde: Kara, SHUT.UP with your musical trivia. We get it. You're trying to casually remind everyone who hates you that you DO have judging credibility because you're such an industry icon. We still don't care who won a grammy for what song, or when it was all recorded or whatever. And are you contractually-bound to mention the original recording artist after every performance? PLEASE.STOP.TALKING. I said please. PLEASE.

Adam: He still has a great voice, but I'm over the screaming. Paula stood up for his performance which means...absolutely nothing. Because she stands up for everyone. There was nothing that I'll remember about this performance except that Paula used the word visceral.

Matt: I don't think this song showed off his vocal range very well, but it did get better as he went on. I love Matt, but I think he's in some serious danger. Kris, Danny, and Adam all had more original performances. Matt's only hope is that people agree Anoop and Lil were worse. The judges loved his performance, though, so what do I know? Oh, except Simon. So maybe I know more than I thought.

Anoop: OK, Anoop just can't entertain like the other guys can. I think he has reached the limit of his AI talent. His voice is good, but I thought his vocals were pitchy. He missed the first note and the last note which is not a good standard. And Anoop, 1991 called. They want their sneakers back. Simon said it was mediocre at best. I agree.

In a perfect world, I'd like to see Anoop and Lil go home.

Kris was hands down my favorite.


  1. I agree with everything you said!! I too loved Kris!

    Kara, drives me crazy too!! Seriously I have no idea who she is or why she got that job!

  2. Allison=glitter ball. LOL!

    Loved Kris tonight too!

  3. HEY! Great post! We still agree. Top three will be Danny, Kris and Adam. I'd LOVE for Danny to win, Kris wouldn't upset me too bad. Still DON'T like Adam - AT ALL. Lil is in serious trouble, the other to go home is a toss up between Matt and Anoop.

  4. We just figured out that Danny looks JUST like a four year old boy at our church named Titus.

    We also wish there could be a hair metal night just so Adam could get it all over with.

    How many kids watching the show knew who Vince Neil was? They showed him at least three times.

  5. me too- Lil and Anoop-bye bye. I still love Adam and Chris and Allison. Danny has fallen a little for me. I am ok with Kara-it's Paula I cant stand to hear speak- she says a whole bunch of nothing. Sometimes I cover my ears b/c she grates on my nerves os badly ;)

  6. I am not an avid ai viewer and most of my knowledge comes from your posts which I find more interesting than the show itself but we did watch last night. Denyse had a problem with her DVR and asked my opionion and I replied that I believed little circle would go home andof course anoop. She quickly corrected me while chuckeling. Maybe I should learn their names before i start giving my oppion.

  7. 100% completely agree with everything you just said. Kris has been my personal favorite for several weeks, since his first slow ballad (was it Bryan Adams or Garth Brooks...I'm terrible with singers which is why I would never qualify as an AI judge!). Anyways, love your blog...still!


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