Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World Wide Web Wednesday 04.29.09...that isn't

While I would LOVE to amaze and astound all 5 of you with my idea of what constitutes The Best of the Internets This Week, the only places I've visited have been limited to and in preparation for our trip to Gulf Shores this summer.

And I've spent about 62 of the last 48 hours researching condos to rent. The math doesn't add up, but that's the price you pay for research. Or something like that.

Instead of cool links, I'll share with you a little tidbit of self-discovery that's been brought to light by All The Research. Because if the countless hours I've spent mindlessly ascertaining the differences between Condos 1 through 2000 can't promote a little soul-searching and introspection, what can?

The big confession? Apparently I'm a commitment-phobe.

Take, for instance, my search for the perfect condo for super cheap. And I only have to sort through hundreds of dozens of units that all start to look the same after awhile, comparing location, amenities, and number/sizes of beds. But I'm so afraid I'll choose the bedbug infested, mildew ridden one that I can't stop researching and digging to make sure I'm getting the best deal out there.

Take, for instance, this rugged specimen of a table:

I'm no photographer, but my camera settings managed to catch the layer of dust on the rungs underneath beautifully. Petrified dust aside (can dust petrify?), I have lofty plans to paint it and mod podge some decorative paper to the top so it will match Piper's room decor.

But when I went into the local craft store for decorative paper, my head nearly exploded from all the choices! The paper choices were approximately equal to the number of condos at Gulf Shores. Which is to say, a million.

Besides picking paper, I have to paint the thing. Do I paint it cream to match the paper? Do I paint in lavender and chance it blending in with the wall? Do I paint it black even though the paperIchosedoesn'thaveanyblackbutit

The stress is palpable.

And it's entirely possible that I may be too high strung.


  1. I am also paralyzed by too many choices and a fear of failure. I could loan you some anti=anxiety meds if you need them! JK!

  2. OOhh I so get it- I become incapacitated by lots of choices too-also when things get to crazy on our schedule. I want to just shut down and hide. I like th cream idea though ;)

  3. Right there with you. I get so overwhelmed when there are more than 3 or 4 choices. NO, I take that back, I usually get over whelmed with more tha 1 choice.

    I have a couple giveaways this week!

  4. i am absolutely right there with you, decisions are my enemy sometimes :) too many choices!

  5. Hey there

    You are a giveaway winner on my blog! Email me and we will start talking with Mimi to get you all set up.



  6. I totally understand! Choosing can be the hardest part of starting a project!

    Good luck on the condo-hunt!

  7. I think you and I would get along VERY well together. We seem to suffer from a lot of the same, er, afflictions :)

  8. Oh I was cracking up at the last line!
    You're so funny.


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