Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Wide Web Wednesday 04.02.09

I recently signed up for Twitter. Although I'm not entirely sure of its purpose nor have I fully plunged the depths Twitter's functionality, I have dipped a toe in the Twitter water. And that's somethin', right? But Twitter is why I thought this chart was so amusing! And after re-reading this paragraph, I think I need a lesson in pronoun usage.

And now that my mad technology skillz are in the 21st century, hopefully my hair style will be, too, when I get cut and colored today. Go me! I'll be so current.

Here's a recipe I might try sometime soon that requires none of my staple cooking ingredients (cream of something soup, rice/pasta, cubed chicken breast) AND it has more than my requisite 3 steps (pour into pan, stir, bake). But it sounds yummy, and I'm all for living dangerously.

Remember Stellan? He's doing better, but please keep praying!

And, finally, if you're a fan of the musical stylings of Watermark, head over to Christy Nockels' website and download her new single FOR FREE! If I could have any singing voice in the world, it would be hers. Random, but true.

Happy Wednesday!

edited: OR Happy THURSDAY, since apparently the joke's on me. Let's pretend I posted this yesterday, on the REAL Wednesday, shall we? And never speak of it again.


  1. That recipe does look good...but considering the fact that I usually spend about 10 minutes on dinner (since I'm the only one eating it), it may be a little out of my league. I did try a new recipe yesterday that involves cubed chicken breasts AND pasta, and broccoli and cream cheese. It's in the most recent Kraft recipe magazine thingy. Pretty tasty.

  2. Cool! I just followed you! I love twitter because I learn so much there. If you follow a wide range of people you get more out of it. For example, I follow Mommies, Foodies, Gardeners, Martha Stewart, Jen Lancaster (my favorite author), Obama's Teleprompter and Jesus.

    Did you know I have a food blog too? I love finding new recipes!

    Have a great weekend!


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