Monday, April 6, 2009

Pushing Pause for Holy Week

While I'd really love to share with everyone how I think I've crippled myself for life by working out on Saturday morning, or about the offer we FINALLY got on the home that we have not inhabited for the last 7 1/2 months, I've decided instead to take a short bloggy break this week.

Since it's Holy Week, I'm planning to devote more time to reflection on Jesus, his life, the sacrifice he paid for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.

I got a head start on this yesterday, Palm Sunday, when 2 of my little angels, along with 116 other small children were given palm branches and were told, "Commence palm branch fight."

So maybe there was no Ultimate Palm Branch Fighting Championship tourney in the gospels. But the little ones did portray the excitement of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Because what says joy to rowdy little boys more than whipping palm branches?

I wonder what role they'll get to play next Sunday when it's revealed that the same one's who shouted "Hosanna!" are the same ones who shouted, "Crucify him!" a few days later... Should be interesting...

Anyway, in our family devotion times, we're going to be focusing on Jesus' actions during the days prior to his death and resurrection. I'm truly looking forward to studying it anew with Jason and our little angels.

And I might even partake in shopping for some awesome Good Friday deals. Because everyone knows that every good and perfect gift is from above, AMEN? Sales are a BLESSING, y'all.

Goodbye forever, until next week!


  1. Congrats on the offer! I'll be praying that it sells...

  2. Good for you! Take some time and get your spiritual home in order and be with your family.

    And start packin' those moving boxes. UGH!

  3. The kids at church totally had the Palm Branch Fight on Sunday. We had to take the Palms from M1 before we got to the car, I was afraid if I didn't M2 would be covered in palm branch scratches by the time we got home!

  4. Enjoy the week and thanks for coming over on my SITS day!

  5. Hope the week was good for you. Happy Easter!

  6. Okay, it's a new week now...where are you?

  7. Boys can find interesting ways to use palm branches, can't they. My 8 yr old kept whacking the elderly people sitting in front of us.... (SIGH!)

  8. I'm ready for a new post now! I like your humorous posts with a touch of sarcasm!


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