Monday, June 1, 2009

I always refer to myself as a wolf because most people follow and stay in line where I'm always looking for that mythical unicorn

Oh my word, tonight's episode of The Bachelorette was a HOT mess. There was so much talk of wolves and sheep and unicorns that I could hardly keep the metaphors straight. I never did get the part about the unicorn, but that's probably for the best.

No recaps here, just my measly $0.02.

1) Firstly, WHY is no one talking about the fact that ED is a dead ringer for Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Seriously, people! They could be brothers. And since "Jilli" knows what Ed will look like when he grows up, well, YUM!

2) Could Wes be any more cliche' with his kuntry sangin'?

3) Some of those boys were looking a bit worse for the wear at the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever. Someone really should have advised them to go a bit easier on the adult beverages.

My mom is in town and actually watched tonight's episode with me. As I was filling her in on all the dudes, I found that I didn't have much good to say about any of them. The majority of them are pretty much goobers in my book. And the fact that she only sent 3 of them home tonight means that the gooberishness is going to drag on for an ever-lovin' eternity.

Maybe next week, Jillian will buy a clue, fire them all, and start over with a new batch (no pun intended, although I'm thinking myself quite clever at the moment. Or nerdy fits, too.). Cheers!


  1. I actually watched for the firsttime so I had so many questions about Juan and his arch rival!

  2. you're hilarious. I don't watch this show, mostly because I know I'd get sucked in and become addicted - but I have watched previous seasons and it is ridiculous! And yeah, you'd think they'd make people stop drinking after a certain point. It's like, you know you're on TV right?

  3. I want to see an ad for the LEAST dramatic rose ceremony ever. Sheesh! Get a new catch phrase! LOL

  4. I love that I don't have to watch this, and instead just read your recaps. Thanks for providing such a needed service! :)

  5. I haven't been watching...but I still love your recaps!

    You make me laugh!

  6. I did! I said that he looks like DENNY! And is freakin adorable!

    David, Tanner and Wes are wearing on my last nerve!


  7. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
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    Have a great day!


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