Wednesday, June 10, 2009

World Wide Web Wednesday 06.10.09

Welcome to everyone's favorite feature: WWWW!

By "everyone" I mean I have no idea if anyone ever actually checks out my links or not. Not fishing here, just sayin'.

I haven't posted any links for a couple of weeks which might lead you to believe that I've been saving the awesomeness for some super duper internet extravaganza! You couldn't be more wrong. But do hang on to your hats, because today's theme is SHOCKERS!

The first NEWSFLASH: Crunchberries are NOT real berries. Dang you, Cap'n Crunch! I actually feel a little embarassed for this woman. Obviously she doesn't have enough shame to feel it herself.

Finally the most often-asked, most speculated about, never answered (until now): Yes. Yes he is. I can almost hear the collective gasping from All the Shock.

Finally, I got this one from the savviest internet surfer I know, KPG. There are 50 movie titles hidden in this "painting." I think I found 6.

(OK, so the last one isn't shocking, but it is a glorious waste of time. 2 out of 3 isn't bad. Or maybe it's really 0 out of 3, because any of this surprising?)


  1. I know, right? About Adam...SHOCKING!

  2. I had so much fun on your third one i almost forgot to come back to comment! LOL I got 22! :D

    Simply shocking news about Adam. Who could have guessed?

  3. Shut UP! Adam was gay?????

    Kinda funny that he had a crush on Kris Allen. Good thing Krissy poo was liberal. My husband would have had a fit.

  4. I saw an article about Adam the other day, can't say I was surprised to hear it.
    I don't watch AI but from what I saw I was glad Kris won.

  5. I still like Adam and I am not sure why it all matters. off to go find the movie titles!

  6. That third one is so much fun! What a novel concept.

    As for Adam?? No!! Really?! I never would have guessed. EVER.


  7. I think I was more shocked about the cruch berries not being real than that adam was gay, heh. I guess I am just intuitive like that ::snort::

    I will check the third link out later, I need to go to bed and read tonight since I am kidless for a couple of evenings.

  8. I check your links!!! The crunchberries one is TOO MUCH. seriously.


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