Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What little boys talk about

One of my favorite things in the entire world is to listen to my little boys have a conversation with one another. As long as there is no whining, yelling, fussing, made-up words, cartoonish voices or name-calling.

Which means these conversations come around only slightly more often than the mythical unicorns (I just can NOT let that go. It may be THE funniest thing I've ever heard come out of a person's mouth).

The other night we were waiting in the car for something I can't recall b/c it was completely inconsequential and unrelated to this story and they were negotiating their personal cool-factors. Here's what I heard.

Cade (the optimist): How 'bout we BOTH be the coolest?

Micah (the pragmatist): That's impossible Cade.

C: How about if I'm New York coolest and you're Waco coolest?

(We've never been to NYC, but I think Micah realized that he was definitely getting the short end of the cool stick.)

M: Cade, how 'bout you're Canada coolest?

Oh SNAP! Micah threw down the literal interpretation of "cool." More like "frigid." Which then kind of negates his figurative coolness. Turning a figurative argument literal is a cool-breaker.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, since this little contest was spiraling downward into a geography bee) they got distracted and never settled who has the most "it-factor." Let's just say that, while I love them both equally, Micah's got the brains (he would have killed in the geography bee) and Cade's got the cool. Together, they'll rule the land of the mythical unicorns.


  1. haha! hilarious! gotta love those little boys.

  2. I think I needed this post today b/c after a weekend road trip where my almost five year old used baby and cartoon voices, made up crazy silly words and laughed hysterically after passing gas (I know all of this must be inherent)I was losing my cool. I instituted the rule "no nonsense talk when answering a question" b/c that one drove me the battiest!

  3. Love it! I can't get over the unicorn either....

  4. What did mothers do for a laugh before children?

  5. love that conversation. but i have to say that last line in your post is awesome!


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