Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One more kid story

Do my kid stories bore you? Do both of my 2 readers click away as soon as they find out the current blog is more ramblings about my little angels? Are they the most banal and mundane topics of anything I've ever posted in my blog? I do wonder if the stories are only funny because I know my children, their mannerisms, their faces, and their intonation. So some of the funny may get lost in translation.

I really try to only post the things that happen that I think are truly hilarious. Usually that means it's stories that make Jason laugh. Because, while he's a comedian, I know something is really funny when HE cracks up about it. This is one of those stories (I think).

A little background: Cade, our middle, has longish hair. And, yes, his gender is routinely called into question by strangers. I also call them JERKS. I often find myself referring to him as "Buddy," "Son," or "Dude" when in public to, you know, GIVE PEOPLE A CLUE.

We also have a daughter. After having 2 boys, I willingly choose to GIRL HER UP. She wears lots of hairbows, and she LOVES shoes and jewelry. You can often find her peering into her closet proclaiming, "I want PINK!"

Cade, on the other hand, is ALL BOY. He wears colors including (but not limited to) navy, orange, brown, gray, and khaki. He wears athletic-style shoes that are typically black or blue.


The general public is in trememdous need of a lesson in using context clues.

Last night we took them to the park to run off some energy before bath and bed. On the way home from the park, Cade was telling us about a new little "friend" he had played with at the park. A little girl.

He said, "She kept calling me a girl and wouldn't believe me that I was a boy, so I sat down on the sidewalk and took off...

...MY FLIP FLOP... show her it was a boy shoe."

His flip flops are black with a flame graphic on the bottom. They are, indeed, boy shoes.

And I was completely relieved that his shoe was the only thing that occured to him to use a proof of his masculinity.


  1. I like your kids stories! I say keep them coming and yes, I too am glad it was just his shoe! Ha!

  2. PAHAHAHA!! That was AWESOME. You are so not boring. And you have more than 2 readers!!!

  3. Three comments must mean at least three readers! :p

    I don't have kids and i still love these stories! Keep 'em coming!

  4. Wow. Glad the flip flop had flames, or he would have had to resort to something else...

    Don't stop posting those kid stories...

  5. Ha ha! That is hilarious! And I love your kid stories...I love all your stories!

  6. Hehehe - I didn't see flip-flop coming, that's for sure! Poor kid, as a girl who was mistaken for a boy, I feel his pain :(.

  7. Hahaha, I for one like the kid stories. They always seem to be the funniest.

  8. a-hahahahahahahahahaha- love it -keep 'em coming!

  9. LOVE the kid stories - hey - if I listen to YOURS, will you listen to MINE? :)

    Definitely more than 2 readers!


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