Monday, June 8, 2009

My Bachelorette Non-Recap

Where did last night's episode of The Bachelorette leave us? Bored and completely let-down from the faux drama over the dude with the supposed girlfriend back home.

I can't really blame Wes for coming on the show even if he has a girlfriend. According to him. they say that love don't come easy, so he's got to pursue all potential avenues of potential love interest, right? Whatev.

After last night's episode, if you don't love Kiptyn, you must not be breathing. Although 1) his name lends itself to being mispelled 99.9% of the time AND 2) his name lends itself to an unfortunate nickname (Kip. No offense to any Kips who are or are not reading this blog), he seemed the most natural on his date with Jillian. I think he's definitely a frontrunner.

On the 2-on-1 date: Could the baseball guy Mike/Mark have been any more over the top with All the Cheese? While the pizza guy Mike/Mark just played it cool and aloof. I think I would choose pizza over baseball, too. Because I'm pretty sure that was the sole basis of Jillian's decision.

And finally, what Jillian needs is some lessons in how to be a mom. I just kept thinking that if I were Jillian and I wanted to know who had a girlfriend, I would have just laid down the law- NO roses until SOMEONE fesses up. Period. And then I would have waited them out just like I have waited out my own children in a battle of the wills. It's not a power struggle I would recommend for all situations, but desperate times and all that jazz...

If you want a real recap click here. Or go here for the inside scoop.

To summarize my thoughts on this season so far? Yawn.


  1. I agree! So boring! I kept thinking that I wished I was doing something besides watching this show. I hope it gets better soon!

    I love your idea that Jill should have acted like a Mom! It totally would have worked.

  2. So many more reality shows would be more interesting if they did that!!

    No rewards unless you all play Truth! :p

  3. Love your insights! Glad to know I'm only missing something that you find yawn-worthy!

    Thanks for all the updates!

  4. Totally agree with your recap on this one. I just can't get into it... kinda a blah season if you ask me! :)

  5. This season is awfully underwhelming... sigh.

  6. you're so funny! I don't watch the show but I enjoyed reading your recap :) haha

  7. Hah, Wes has a girlfriend at home? I didn't get to watch this week's show yet, but Wes was suspicious from the start. What a jerk!

  8. I just love your recaps. Obviously from the sound of it, your recaps are more entertaining than the shows themselves. Keep 'em coming!


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