Thursday, June 18, 2009

No, I haven't died of heatstroke. Yet.

I'm finding it very difficult to carve out time for blogging now that I'm no longer staring at a computer screen all day. Most of my energy right now is being spent trying not to combust in the oppressive Texas heat. That leaves very little brain power for producing coherent sentences. Much less slightly (with significant emphasis on slightly) clever or witty ones.

I can't say that we've been particularly busy because the last 4 days have primarily consisted of swimming, lunch, nap, and then whatever it is we do in the evening. Which is to say nothing.

I've also managed to finish 2 books (Time Traveler's Wife (HIGHLY recommend) and Wicked (kind of "meh")).

But with this week practically being in the books (no pun intended), that leaves me with only 6 weeks in which to swim all we can, get in our summer reading hours, finish "Wind in the Willows" for Micah's summer reading, take a trip to the beach and a attend a couple of youth events in which we are involved annually. And mostly importantly, trying to stay moderately cool.

All that means I won't be around the blog much. So if you don't hear from me, please don't lose sleep worrying that I've somehow shriveled up and died from dehydration, heat stroke, 3rd degree sunburns or melodrama. And feel free to follow me on Twitter for more "regular" mini-updates.



  1. I think summer blogging is going to be a pretty big problem for mose people. Stay cool, have fun and swim 'til your flippers fall off :)

  2. have fun in the sun! a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... especially in this Texas heat!!

  3. Summer blogging isn't happenin much around here either!

  4. I shall miss you! And I've tagged you on my blog, for one of those days when you get around to blogging!

    I think I will probably blog more in the summer, because I know I don't have to get up in the I can blog all night!

  5. oh-have fun!!! we have had yucky summer weather so far-so I feel like it hasn't even started!!! I loooong for sun to peer out behind the clouds and rain!

  6. Yeah, the heat is killing me! I'm not sure if you live in Dallas or further south, but even in Dallas it's just too hot for it to barely be the beginning of the summer.

    Hey, it's super cool that you called an organization about working with the elderly, and I'm not surprised that no one called you back. Nonprofits just kill me with how unorganized people are, and even those that are run well seem to lack initiative to contact people most of the time. I think when I was really young my parents contacted an old folks home and asked if there was anyone they could be a "family" for.

    and I will write more about refugees soon - I'm still trying to get through the craziness of the past few weeks! :)

  7. Awww, we'll miss Stugmom's updates! So far we have had a very strangely mild in it hasn't really been hot enough to want to swim. Weird. I will send the universe vibes that you need a break from the heat. :) Have a fun summer!

  8. Oh, I hear you. Have a great summer and carry a mini handheld fan with you where ever you go!


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