Monday, October 6, 2008

A Couple of Cade Funnies

I'm really really bad about keeping track of all the funny stuff my children say or do, but now that I have a blog, I think I'll make a few notes here and there about things they do that Jason and I find particularly hilarious.  Cade probably makes us laugh the most, so to honor him, here are a couple of recent stories.

*Friday night is our established movie night for the boys.  We don't let them watch much TV during the week, mainly b/c we're just too darn busy.  So they look forward to Movie Night like Pavlov's dogs waiting for the bell.  Complete with growling and slobbering over choosing a movie. Last Friday, Jason wanted to let them see the 1st Harry Potter movie.  We're total HP geeks, and the 1st movie seems to be the tamest.  Towards the end of the show, we were trying to explain to Micah that his school, which subscribes to the British style of schooling that divides the students into "houses", was like Hogwart's in that way.  However, we obviously should have been more explicit in our explanation b/c as we were trying to explain that the schools are alike, Cade lifted up his head and said, "Micah's school has flying brooms?!?!"  Unfortunately, Cade, no.  

*Tonight at dinner, I was asking the boys about their respective days at school.  I like to ask them what they learned and Cade informed us that he learned about the letters "F and G."  Then he told us, "And I said the most F words!"  He must have gotten that from his father.  

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