Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Makeover

I wish my blog title was simply referring to my blog, but alas, many areas of my life are in need of a serious makeover. However, since I'm obviously sitting on my (rather large) rump typing and surfing on the internets, I figured I'd start with my blog.

You know, I'm ambitious like that.

I try not to start things I can't finish and since I can't clean the entire house in one short evening AND lose 15 lbs., I figured, why start tonight?

But I can update my blog and make look all spiffy and cute! Yes, I said spiffy. I think the last time I used that word was in junior high. I suppose I'm clinging to my youth in the last few days before the 3rd anniversary of my 28th birthday.

And I'm still contemplating a name change (on my blog, that is- I'm not really a progressive woman). Maybe I'd feel like posting more often if my blog looked and sounded just so. Because I haven't had much to say lately. I've been the Thief of Joy (honk if you love The Office!). Just keepin' it real here, people. But I think this too shall pass.

If anyone else out there is feeling "funky" lately (and I don't mean Funky New York Funky Style (you'll be my BFF if you can name that show) or haven't-taken-a shower-in-one-or-four-weeks-funky) check this out:


I have no idea how to actually put the clip in my blog, so if anyone wants to help a sister out, leave me a comment with directions.


  1. Oh. I love it! Red and light blue are my favorites! Very nice makeover. But I was hoping you could give a little insight on dropping 15 lbs. in one night. Or even cleaning the entire house. A new name...hmmm...I'll try to think on that for you.

  2. the new look is cute. it was really freaking good to see you all the other night.
    and "the 3rd anniversary of my 28th birthday'....lol.

  3. to put the video on your blog...(note: I'm obviously not the 'puter literate one in our family so I just know how to do this with youtube.)

    copy the "embed" line
    in your post open up the HTML tab
    paste the "embed" file
    click preview and hopefully (if your standing on one foot and holding you breathe) it should be there!


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