Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love October!

October is a big month for our family- Jason, Piper, and I all celebrate the glorious days of our respective births. As part of the celebrations, Jason and I (along with our little darlings) spent some time with my wonderful mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago. She thoughtfully gave Jason and I both $50 gift cards. She always knows exactly what we want.

If you know me, you know I can't go very long with cash burning a hole in my pocket, so after the little darlings were in bed last night, I decided to spend my hard-earned money (hey, living is hard) at the fancy french store Tar-zhay. Or Target, as normal people refer to it. You can get a pretty good bang for you buck in their clothing department. And let's face it... I'm not an Ann Taylor kind of fashionista. Target is about my speed. And, more importantly, my budget's speed.

I'm pleased to say that this shopping experience was significantly better than the one where the clothes tried to kill me. Although the dressing room still smelled suspicious. And I haven't dropped the pounds like I would have liked, but I did end up choosing 3 tops and 2 pairs of earrings and only went $9.47 over budget (of my $50 GC). It was the earrings that put me over the edge, but they were so funky I just couldn't stand to pass them by.

And it was especially fun to get dressed this morning in one of my new tops and some new earrings. Always makes my day a bit better. It's the small cheap things in life, y'know?


  1. I just used you in one of my posts. Hope you don't mind...

    Your blog is about the funniest I've seen. It's the only one that makes me laugh out loud!!

    Thanks for being the humor in my life!

  2. Were they funky fresh? Or Funky dress barn fresh?

    Should you be blogging at work?

    Ok, I am reading blogs in class, so I guess it is ok.

  3. @ penny- Thanks for the shout out!! You're so awesome!

    @ jason- The earrings are New York Funky Style. Thx for asking. Get back to your lecture!


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