Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Weekend Wedding

My sister is getting married this weekend and she has been planning this wedding since sometime last spring, I believe. Since she and I are the only 2 siblings on my side and since my children are her only nephews and niece, she asked if the children would be ring bearers and the flower girl (respectively). Of course, I'm more than happy to dress my adorable children up in formal clothing if for no other reason than to snap some of the cutest photos ever.

But it's not about me, right?

Anyway, a couple of months ago, we spent some time getting the boys fitted for tuxedoes for their, I mean MY SISTER'S, big day. We've talked to them about their responsibility as ring bearers and done our best to prepare them to do the job.

So imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, Micah informs me that he's a little nervous about the whole wedding thing. And I quote, "whole wedding thing." Of course, I asked him why he was nervous, and he replied, "Well, I just wasn't planning on going. I mean, I didn't really know about it ahead of time." Um, last spring wasn't "ahead of time?"

Obviously not.

Because, you know, his 6 year old self's social calendar is packed pret-ty far in advance. I mean, he has all the "pretending to be super heroes with his brother" and all the "trying to pick-up his sister" (literally, trying to pick her up off the ground every chance he gets) and all the "drawing apes and other jungle animals with crayons" and all the "home-based fitness training" (he's a little bit into developing a 6-pack. I regret ever teaching him that phrase...). Clearly there's no room to pencil in an event like his aunt's wedding.

It took a bit of persuasion and a gentle reminder that the whole reason for trying on tuxedoes MONTHS ago was in preparation for this weekend. So, despite his best arguments to the contrary, he had more than enough "notice." He also seems to have forgotten about whatever he had planned (in his mind) for the weekend and will be traveling happily with us this weekend. It should be a joy.


  1. Yes. I know what a dangerous road it is to change Mr. Micah's plans...but then, I'm a fine to talk aren't I?

  2. (just catching up on google reader)
    micah stories always bring a smile to my face :)


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