Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today is my dear love Jason's birthday. To him, I say, you have finally made it to be a year older than Jesus! So, to honor you on this day that makes you 4 numbers older than me for a couple more weeks, here are 34 things I love about you (in NO particular order).

1. The way you cook for the family. My waistline is hating you, but my heart loves it. I feel a little bad that I'm putting this #1 b/c it seems like it's the first thing I thought of. But it was. But not b/c it's most important. Just b/c I love food so much, which says way more about my issues. Anyway, this is about you, not me, so let's get back on topic, shall we?

2. That you love your extended family, especially your nieces. I knew you would be a great dad before we ever had kids

3. That you proved me right once we had kids.

4. That you enjoy your friends and mine.

5. That you make me laugh, even when I'm in a bad mood.

6. That you laugh when I say something funny. And I KNOW it's funny if it makes you laugh!

7. That you "never" take naps, even though you snore when you watch Sunday afternoon football.

8. That you help others without conditions.

9. That you make coffee for me even when you don't want any.

10. That you love The Office and SNL.

11. That you love my "Neil Diamond sings Christmas" impression.

12. That you keep the internets and other technology up and running in the house so that I can surf the world wibe web AND simultaneously watch movies way louder than I'd ever actually want to.

13. That you love Harry Potter as much as I do.

14. That you are a fabulous cake decorator.

15. That you take my crazy ideas and make them come to fruition (see #14 for an example).

16. That you have the ability to choose good movies to see or rent (much unlike me. The Pledge. 'Nuff said).

17. That you make up songs to sing to the kids.

18. That you try not to get too upset when I lose the keys or can't find my (insert clothing/accessory item here).

19. That you don't get too upset about running late, even when I do.

20. That you do extra things around the house when you know I'm getting overwhelmed and stressed out.

21. That you shepherd the children way better than I ever could.

22. That you try to surprise me with birthday or Christmas gifts, but always end up either telling me beforehand or just giving me the present early.

23. That you care deeply about the spiritual growth of the entire family.

24. That you don't sweat the small stuff.

25. That you try to be handy aroud the house, even though it's not really your passion.

26. That you decided to go to grad school so that we can achieve our ministry goals together.

27. That you are a loyal friend.

28. That you introduced me to Facebook and insisted I start my own page.

29. That you always have a logical argument, even when I don't want to listen.

30. That you give thoughtful advice.

31. That you love musicals and will always go see them with me.

32. That you love to go shopping, even if it's just to browse.

33. That you pursue the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

34. That you love me.

Happy birthday, sweetie!! I hope the joy from all the special treats today help you forget that your getting older by the minute! And you'll always be older than me. Love you!!!


  1. Hey Amanda,
    I was just looking back at my blog on the day I had Molly and saw you left a post. Hope you are doing well.

  2. 11. That you love my "Neil Diamond sings Christmas" impression.

    How good of friends do we have to be for me to be able to see this one!!

  3. I have to tell you, this was my favorite part of my birthday! I cannot tell you just how much I love you! Your the best girl in the world, and your ALL MINE!


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