Friday, March 27, 2009

The DNA tests may prove she doesn't belong to me

Because the boys had such great days, respectively, at school last Tuesday, and because I got home from my pilates class so late, it was a perfect excuse to give into the boys' repeated requests to eat at a local fast food italian joint. This particular establishment offers a Tuesday special that boasts a trio of spaghetti, fettucini, and a slice of pizza for $2.99. Because we are totally into exotic culinary experiences.

If you are suspicious of the quality of food one can purchase for $2.99, then you should pay close attention to your gut instincts. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for in the quality department.

Still, it was cheap and the breadsticks (FREE!) are to die for. When deciding what to order for our 3 little angels, it was decided that the boys would split a special. That just left Missy. So I did the obvious- I asked her what she wanted.

Her response was anything but obvious.

"Sa-yed." (2 yr. old speak for "salad").

I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly, sweetie? What do you want for dinner?



So I ordered her a garden salad.

Any innocent patron of said restaurant who might have been surveying our table must have had the passing thought that they should make an immediate call to CPS. 4 of us were chowing down on marinara-smothered carbs while our little darling munched on rabbit food. Like we were the crazy parents putting our toddler on a diet.

If I've ever in my life craved salad, it has only been the kind covered in bacon, croutons, cheese. And drowned in ranch. With some carrots thrown in for token nutrients. Yet Missy is now asking for salad at every turnaround. Just tonight when we asked her what she wanted for dinner, her response was, "I wan say-ed." SERIOUSLY?!?!?! She's begging for salad. Literally. At this moment.

I carried her inside of me for 40 weeks. I delivered her after only a few hours of induced labor. I've been there for her, loving her and teaching her for the last 2 1/2 years. But right now, I'm not convinced she's mine.


  1. I think you were impregnated by aliens and must rush to the CIA with your specimen immediately... They'll want to check this out for sure. A child eating veggies unprompted can not be of this world...

  2. Ummm...can your daughter come hang out at my house and teach my kiddos a thing or two? Here's to hoping she'll never change!

  3. That's so kids love salad too! And I'm so the same as you...the only good parts of a salad are croutons, meat and cheese!

    The kids love broccoli too! Once at a restaurant my husband sounded like an idiot when he told our then 3 year old in a loud voice, "quit eating all my broccoli and eat your fries!"

  4. Way to go, P! Already makin' those healthy choices!

  5. wow, i am with you on craving salads...huh?

  6. I like my salad like you, a little lettuce with my ranch and croutons. I substitute pepperoni instead of bacon though.


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