Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

It's funny how an impromptu 36 hour trip to "rustic" west Texas (1/3 of which was spent on the road) can totally throw off one's entire week. It's Wednesday and I STILL feel like I'm playing catch-up. Unfortunately, there are countless things I'd rather be doing besides what I actually HAVE to do.

I'm still shooting for posting my WWW Wednesday post today. I have just over 8.5 hours to get that one in before my self-imposed deadline. And I'm working on a post that will be an open letter to the US Military regarding treatment of terrorist detainees. You have the bleeding hearts on the left and the cold hearts on the right arguing over treatment of these criminals and I think I've discovered the perfect compromise. Stay tuned!

Until then, I have to continue my quest at work to clear my desk of paperwork- almost done!- and I plan to let the TV babysit the kids tonight whilst I chip away at the mountain range of laundry piled up in our den. Don't judge me. We had a great family night last night and Spring Break is coming, so even more quality time is on the horizon.

And what makes togetherness even more special than when it's spent after a short period of neglect?

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  1. Great stuff here girl, you brought a grin or two to my face as I avoid the "to do" list. I'm just swinging by and meeting new bloggers thanks to the FFFF.
    Have a great day.


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