Monday, March 16, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday 03.16.09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


This week was spring break, full of hilarity and adventures!! And I DIDN'T do so many things.

*I did NOT find it wildly hilarious when I overheard my 5 yr. old singing the All American Rejects song "Hope it Gives You Hell" to himself. I have never ever turned that song up once or 30 times super loud in the hoopty van to jam along so I have NO idea how he would have ever heard such a song, not to mention why he would repeat it.

*I did NOT go to a kick-butt body shaping class at the Y on Saturday morning and then come home and eat half of a Totinos frozen pizza all by myself. If I'm going to get fit, I'm going to do it right and that means only actual FOOD items. NOT Totinos pizza!!

*I did NOT avoid doing laundry for 3 days because our dog decided to use the laundry room floor as her personal litter box since she's too much a princess to go potty in the rain. I was NOT staying out of that room until J. got out there and cleaned the poo (and of course he did NOT wait that long to clean it up). And after that I wasn't the least bit upset when *I* had to clean the pee. Ugh.

Hope everyone else had a perfect week like me!!


  1. That's a totally legit reason to not do laundry, if you ask me. Happy Not Me! Monday to you!

  2. Wait - eating half of a Totino's Pizza is not a good thing? Rats! :) What if I add pineapple to my half of the cheese pizza and pepperoni to hubby's half? Doesn't the pineapple cancel out some calories? (GRIN!!)

    Happy Not Me! Monday! I totally would have avoided doing laundry to avoid the dog poo too... ;)

  3. I know Texas has been really needing the rain (at least in central Texas where our friends & family are), so despite the doggie inconvenience, I'm glad you guys got some rain!

    Happy Monday!


  4. eating half the Totino's Pizza. Could see myself in this position although in my case it would more likely be 3/4 of the pizza :-)

  5. Half a Totino's pizza?! Eh, you're a lightweight. I bet I could've chowed down on the whole thing! I have that problem whenever I work out -- it makes me HUNGRY.

    So defeats the purpose ((sigh))

  6. I love Totino's pizza! It takes me right back to 1985, having a pig out session with my little sister! Good times!

    Have a great week!

  7. I can so picture Cade singing that song. Awesome. When I taught pre-k, one of my kids started singing "My Humps" at the art table. Classic.


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