Sunday, March 15, 2009


Although I often feel like the boys have stolen my very last nerve and stomped it with their small Skecher'ed feet, they do keep us laughing. Because if I don't laugh, I might cry.

For example, just the other evening we were driving home from a mexican food restaurant and Micah and I had a convo that went something like this (keep in mind that this brainiac is almost 7):

M: How do you blow a bubble?
Me: Are you chewing gum?!?!
M: Yes.
Me: Where did you get it?
M: Off the floor at the restaurant.
Me: (vomiting on the inside) Give me that! (I threw it out the window. Not that it was going to make any difference at that point.)
M: But it hadn't been chewed yet. (As though that explains why he PICKED CANDY UP OFF THE DIRTY FLOOR. Clearly, he has good reason. I'M the over-reactor, obviously.)


Cade marches to the beat of his own band. It's not a single drum- it's an entire orchestra in his head. That often causes him to not hear us when we speak. Which causes him to get into trouble. A lot.

Be that as it may, he loves to sing and has recently ventured out into song-writing. He and Micah wanted to write the next Billboard chart-buster the other day and they came up with the following titles for their lyrical masterpiece (I'm dead serious- I did not make these up):
*The Big Rush of Football
*The Coolness of the Wind
*Hey That's a Lock
and the ultimate winner..........
*Road on the Road (I'm not sure I'm philosophical enough to grasp the existential nature of this one)

They chose Road on the Road and the first 2 lines of lyrics were:

When I get on the road
I like to sing a song

And then Cade threw down some beatbox. It was magical. I think they have a future in the biz. Cade will be the creative genius while Micah will micro-manage. Hopefully they'll at least make enough Benjamins to put us in a ritzy nursing home.


  1. Oh,my you've got me cracking up! So funny.

  2. i agree, so funny. i would love to actually hear the song. you should tape it + post it!

  3. oh my goodness...crazy funny!

    i followed you over here from RedeFINEd. cute blog!! i feel like i have been here before ;)

  4. Popping by from Patty's blog! :)

  5. Oh, that reminds me of ABC gum (already been chewed gum)!! We used to joke about that all the time when I was in elementary school. DOn't tell your son about that!!


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