Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AI Recap: Top 4

AI is getting down to the wire now, with only 4 contestants left. 2 of which I would love to see win and the other 2 I really couldn't care less about.

Tonight's mentor is Slash. Which is totally rockin'. Bad pun fully intended. My friend KP called this theme few weeks ago. Actually she was just wishing they'd give Adam a chance to get it all out of his system. So, props to KP! Wishes do come true.

And tonight's big twist is DUETS!! I love duets! I love to sing duets, too, but only in the shower.

Buh dum bum.

We were also informed that all of the contestants were spared near death experiences when a sign above the stage began to collapse, so they were not allowed to do a complete run-through. Which makes me wonder if anyone bothered telling Danny that tonight was the real deal and not practice. Because the boots he had on looked like he'd been out doing some nasty hard labor in the fields.

Maybe that's just how the kids are wearing them these days. Fiddlesticks.

Adam: He was up first and informed us that he was going to kill it. And I hoped that "it" didn't mean live chickens. The dude can sing. But the faces! Oh my, the ooooggeey faces.

Kara's wearing her kickin' hair extensions again tonight. She had them on 2 weeks ago, too. I had hoped the length of her hair was not any indication of the length of her speeches. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Allison: Allison had extensions too! I wonder if Slash was wearing extensions since that also seems to be part of the theme... Alison is not my favorite contestant of all-time. Or even of this season. But she ROCKED the stage tonight. Awesome performance. Paula thought Al could play Janis Joplin in a movie. Because allison is a ringer for Janis Joplin. Except she looks nothing like her. And then Ali gave us the AI Kiss of Death: Backtalking the judges. Good-bye Al.

Oh goody! Next was a Danny/Kris duet! Danny doesn't seem to have the "swagger" (if I had a dime for everytime someone has used the word swagger on this show this season, I'd probably have a dollar by now) to make it as a rocker. Kris carried the mic around again, like last week, only it was more appropriate for this genre. Of the top 4, let's just say this duet made me very happy.

Kris: He is obviously good at quick backstage changes. Way to go, Kris! And he sang the first song I recognized. What does that say about me? That I would suck at AI Rocker Night. I don't think Kris really took Slash's advice to be more animated during his performance, but that's the only negative thing I have to say. Great vocals AND I didn't have to feel completely uncomfortable when I watched his face (Ahem... Adam).

Danny: His practice with Slash scared me. And the end of the performance scared me. This was not Go-go-Gokey's night. It doesn't diminish the fact that he can sing, but his genre is more blues and rasp, less scream. But hey, country wasn't Adam's genre, but when he butchered Johnny Cash he still made it through. So I believe there is still hope for Danny to make in the Top 3.

Alison and Adam duet: MUCH more entertaining than Kris and Danny. But clearly the rock and roll scales were unfairly balanced in their favor. The Double A duet was a bit more stacked towards the rock genre than the pairing of the 2 more soulful artists.

All in all, it was an interesting show this evening. I was surprised how well Kris pulled it off. I think Danny didn't do so well, but I think he has enough of a following to pull through one more week. I'd like to see Adam or Allison gone, but I think it's going to be a tight race.


  1. Can't believe I missed Rocker night! And Slash, are you serious? I cannot believe that dude is still alive.

    I hear my beloved Chris Daughtry is singin' tomorrow. I'll definitely be tuning in for that. Love me some Daughtry!

  2. Great review. I agree, mostly. I just close my eyes when Adam sings. It helps.

  3. Adam so rocked it! Danny's scream made me cringe. I so wanted Chris to do better b/c I really like him for some reason-maybe b/c he's cute as a button! Paula was more coherent too!!! I wonder who will go?????

  4. Thanks for the props, Amanda. And I believe what Danny is missing is "swagga." Well, whatever it is, he ain't got it. He's my vote to go next.

  5. I'm so glad you did this! I missed it last night, and I would bet you ANYTHING that the DVR missed it because of the power outtages... Grr.

  6. Glad to hear you are an AI fan too! :) Sometimes I am embarrassed to say I'm a fan.
    Even though I watched it last night, I enjoyed your re-cap.
    I like all 4 of the finalists...however my favorite is Kris. He just looks like a really nice guy and I like his style of music.
    Adam...he can sing, but he just wears too much make-up for me.
    Allison....very good too!
    Danny....I don't really like his voice.

    And Kara...I really like her! I think she knows what she is talking about.

    My absolute FAVORITE AI is Jason Castro. Love him! :)
    So that's my thoughts! :) Gotta go watch the show now.

  7. I thought Kris was quite good. Adam. Well. I'm not a fan.

  8. I SO agree about hymns. Love them. As long as they're not done on the organ. :) You know what I've love hear? Kris Allen playing hymns on his guitar. :)

    Love AI. Love Kris. Love hymns.


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