Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AI Recap: Top 3

So the final 3 on AI this year are freaky Adam, cutie Kris, and raspy Danny. And, although I've threatened, I have yet to even fix my finger to dial in a vote. But the voting winds are a-blowin' tonight!

Tonight, for the sake of continuity, I'm blogging in the order of performances.

Round 1:

Danny (Dance Little Sister): Paula picked his song and I've never heard of it. I didn't recognize it and I have no idea if he "made it his own" or not. I thought he sang it well, but maybe overdid it a bit?

My biggest issue with this performance? Danny's boots. Clearly he is not reading my blog nor taking my well-considered advice.

Kara said that he has a "money spot." I wish I had a "money spot." Then my husband wouldn't have to work 2 jobs while he's going to seminary. Cue Debbie Downer horns. Paula thought it was "really good." Her choice of words is poetic. Simon didn't like the sax. Pardon me for a minute, but, WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HIS SINGING?

Kris (Apologize): OK, can I just say YAY HE PLAYED THE PIANO!!!! Could I love Kris any more than I already do? I'm pretty sure...no. He nailed the falsetto. It's really hard to critique him because 1) I know zilch about the music business beyond my own personal tastes and 2) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And I totally don't care what the judges think, Kris was a million times better than Danny.

Before I move on, I need to get something off my chest. Note to people in the audience: SIT DOWN AND STOP CLAPPING during slow songs. Also, STOP THE "HANDS IN THE AIR, WAVE 'EM LIKE YOU DON"T CARE."

Sorry, I'm a little bit on edge this evening.

After Kris was a new Mac commercial. The entertainment gods are smiling on me tonight. Trying to tell me to take a step back from the edge.

Adam (One): So Simon chose U2 for Adam. Haven't we had enough of the wrecking of the legendary songs with the Ring of Fire Debacle?

A situation of which we must NEVER SPEAK AGAIN.

At first he really toned it down and made it more ballad-y and less rock-y. But then, BAM! WHOA! He pulled the ole bait and switch trick! He reeled me in and then started with the funky faces. I bet Adam is an ugly cry-er.

I must admit, I physically flinched at one point when his tongue came out farther than it normally does. Then, did he seriously have the cojones to suggest the viewing audience should rewind it back to get a better listen to the lyrics?

Dude, Adam, I own that U2 CD. I can read the lyrics on the insert. Or, I can look them up on the internet. I can do a number of things. And be certain that, should I ever have a U2 lyrical emergency, I WILL do ANY number of things BEFORE I rewatch your performance. Thanks, though. But there's no need to give myself nightmares about your tongue anymore than I already have.

To wrap up Round 1: Adam did the best at "making it his own." Kris demonstrated the best musical ability with a solid performance. Danny was Danny.

And I got ANOTHER new Mac commercial! Woo hoo!!

Round 2:

Danny (You Are So Beautiful: How did I miss that he was from Mill-ee-wah-kay until just now? I thought it was beautiful. I wasn't really surprised that he was singing it well, so I spent the rest of his performance looking for the Wayne's World clip I linked above.

Kris (Heartless): While I LOVED the arrangement one million times over, I don't think the vocals were incredible. On the other hand, Kanye sings it with an autotuner, so I'm pretty sure Kris outsang him.

This performance was reminiscent of David Cook from last year and I'm totally into that style, so I'm going to vote for him double more times than I planned to before. Randy said he was "current" and then Kara used the word "kudos." Is that ironic? If Kris made any mistakes tonight, it was the sparkly shirt.

Adam (Crying): I didn't pay much attention to this performance b/c I was too busy voting for Kris. Take THAT, Adam-Lambert-who-sang-the-song-just-like-Aerosmith-but-no-one-said-anything-about-it. Double standard? I think so.

I can't wait for tomorrow night!! Now if you'll excuse me, I only have 10 more minutes to vote for Kris.


  1. I thought tonight's show was really good! I agree Adam did some weird things with his tongue! In fact my hubby asked, "why does he do that?" I answered probably to hit the high notes on pitch! I actually like Adam. I've thought all along he is original. I also tend to like the kind of music he sings. I like the the Ring of Fire song he did. I love Johnny Cash and honestly I think Johnny Cash would of LOVED it! Did you know Johnny Cash covered a Nine Inch Nail Song before he died? Anyways, I agree with you though about Kris! He's such a cutie and would love to see him in the final 2! I am not trying to be confrontational, just stating my opinion!!

    Anyways, we shall see! I was wrong about Allison and it's up to America and I think most of America feels the way you do about Adam so we shall see!!!

  2. Considering how into AI i was last year, it'd odd but i really haven't been following or watching this year.

    A new mac ad, you say?! :)

  3. you voted for Chris???? you go girl- there is soemthing I realy like about him-I love what he did with that hearless song- he surprisedme- at first I cringed and thought it was all over for him!I think the first round sucked- I dont think the judges know how to pick the right songs either! I'm nervous about tonight- I like them all!

  4. Oh, Sturgmom...how nice it is to read something, or hear it for that matter, that isn't all gaga over Adam. yes, the guy has some pipes, but he is using his power for evil...or at least using his pipes to screech. And the judges all went nuts over "One"? We are U2 fans, so my ever-lovin' and I found what Adam did to the song kind of ugly. And I didn't even notice his tongue...because I can't look at him when he sings, because he just gives me the willies, and I don't know why other than his performances all seem sort of dishonest and phoned in. And I would just like to ask, why does he always get to go last? It feels a bit rigged to me.

  5. I haven't followed faithfully this year, but Adam has driven me INSANE! Kris is def. a cutie, and I could go for him winning!

    I guess I'll probably watch tonight!

  6. I'm totally bummed about Danny. Though I also like Kris. And Adam is not my fav. If he wins I guess it saves me $15 cause I'm not buying that album.

    I'm a fellow Texan checking you out from SITS!

  7. Yep, Kris is my guy too!

    Love your commentary on AI...it is just so funny. :)


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