Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reality TV doesn't take a holiday

Why yes, we had a lovely holiday weekend. How about you? J.'s last day at one of his 2 jobs was Friday evening, so I was home alone with our little angels. Since Friday night is Family Movie Night 'round these parts, the boys watched The Tale of Despereaux while I halfway paid attention, but mostly surfed the internet and spent a lot of time not writing blogs.

I'm in a writing funk. It must be the heat. Because in Texas in the summer, you blame everything on the heat. Fire ants popping up in your yard? It's the heat. Gained a little weight? Totally the heat. Rearended someone on the highway? Well, it's just so dang HOT!

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night. This couple has a little girl in Micah's kindergarten class, so we've all just started hanging out together in the last couple of months. I would consider them fairly new friends, so I was a bit resistant to agree to Jason's suggestion that we watch Marley and Me while they were over. Ugly crying in front of acquaintances is not high on my list of How to Make a Good Impression.

Sunday brought a fun game that I like to call Frantically Clean the House Before My Precious Mother-In-Law Arrives Because Even Though She Would Never Criticize My Housekeeping Abilities, She Happens to be a Housekeeping Maven.

The title may be a little lengthy for purposes of copyrighting.

Monday, the children and I enjoyed hanging out with my mother-in-law, visiting daddy at his new job, running errands, and napping.

Since pretty much all of my favorite TV shows have already aired their season finales, the fact that I was reminded by someone's Facebook status that the 2nd episode of The Bachelorette was premiering in the evening felt particularly seredipitous. So, thank you to all Facebook status updaters (especially LynnAnn). Except for those of you who post spoilers or results of reality TV shows. Curses to you, instead. That goes completely against FB code.

Speaking of code, that Dave on The Bachelorette was pretty serious about his Man Code. But I think he's just been watching too many beer commercials (to which I really wanted to link, but a cursory Google and Youtube search turned up NADA).

I'm not going to offer full recaps of The Bachelorette for a couple of reasons:
1) There are way funnier recaps out there than mine
2) After only 2 episodes, I'm finding this season to be a bit on the dry side. Kind of boring.

Maybe there are just too many men in the mix for me to care too much right now, but the producers et. el. are going to have to significantly up their editing game to create the fabricated look of drama to keep me interested.

I'm SORE-ry for not recapping, but I will reserve the right to post some completely random thoughts a-BOTE the show's wicked PRO-gress. My thoughts right now are that the viewing audience is discovering Jillian is a terrible judge of character.

As if last season's hot tub hijinx with Bachelor Jason didn't clue us in to that morsel. And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Your blog is just too funny! always gives me a good chuckle.

    And, beer commercials? how about Bud Light Real Men of Genius? Search You Tube for that. THOSE are the most hilarious commercials!

  2. Hehe "man law" commercials - until I saw the commercial with the beer bottle tapping the other beer bottle, I had no idea they did that, my hubby and his friends were (not) impressed. I almost forgot about that...

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHyZObg6tv0


  4. I watched last night, too, and was less then impressed... I never love the first couple. I like it better once the field gets narrowed a little :)

  5. You're not listening to me so I'm going to talk louder. I WANT YOU TO WRITE A RECAP OF SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. And you wanna talk about heat? I'll bring the heat if you don't do what I say. Oh Snap.

  6. I find it hard to follow these shows until the number of eligible hotties has been narrowed down to a point where i can figure out which is which.

  7. darn- I missed it- I am having rality TV withdrawal right now! I do the same for my M-I-L who will be arriving in two weeks- I clean out the oven AND the fridge every time ;)

  8. Amanda, feel free to link to my blog. Thanks! Amy


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