Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Blog-Famous!

While "famous" might be a teensy weensy bit of a stretch, I did have the opportunity to write my First Ever Guest Post on my IRL friend LynnAnn's blog.

LynnAnn and I went to college together and we were even roommates for a short time just before we graduated an undisclosed number of years ago. Even if I told you how many years ago it was, you wouldn't believe me because we were such prodigies that we graduated college at 18. Making us both still incredibly young. And beautiful. And despite the fact that she actually had to put up with me and my living habits, she still speaks to me. Which says volumes about the kindness in her heart.

I blame LynnAnn for my former addiction to the most awesome television show ever produced, The Practice. There may or may not have been an Intervention when they pulled the plug on that show. And it may or may not have been material good enough for A&E.

Her blog is HI-larious. Some of my favorite posts are the ones she authors periodically called "rules." She gives some pretty sound advice for those in the general public lacking any inclination toward common sense. You can find some of my favorites here, here, and here. Oh, and here and here.

There are tons more rules and gobs more funny over at LynnAnn's blog, so stop by there and give her some love. And read my post there while you're at it. 'Kaythanks.


  1. Congrats! I wish I was blog famous.

  2. Congrats on being blog-famous!!

    I loved The Practice too :(

    I'm going to check out LynnAnn's blog now...

  3. Congrats on your fame!! :p Off for a visit...

  4. Okay, I changed it so that I am now replyable! Thanks for the tip - does this mean that you don't have to go directly to someone's blog to reply? My old blog was a xanga, and xanga infinitely easier to reply to people. That's been one of the worst parts of my switch to blogger!

  5. can I have your autograph???? off to read!

  6. yeah, Isaac is pretty good about keeping his stuff consolidated, but I'm still SO thankful that it's the summer! I take it you all aren't dealing with summer courses? It's totally time for a break.

    And about Kroger, I have discovered the blog world shopping help - but I am envious of your HEB! I have actually never shopped there but I hear it's great and cheap and we don't have them!

  7. Wow...I know a famous person! I've tagged you over at my blog if you want to come check it out!

  8. Oh man, you're catching all my mistakes. Sorry about the China thing - I work at a mission organization and I was logged in to the gmail email account that we keep for our missionary in China that need a private email outside of the organization. Maybe I should avoid commenting on blogs during my lunch break - crazy things end up happening! :)


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