Tuesday, May 19, 2009

C'Mon Kris, C'Mon Kris, C'Mon Kris- Alternate Title: AI Recap THE FINALS!

Please don't expect any sort of unbiased journalism from this blog this evening. As if there was such a thing anyway. Maybe in the land of unicorns and leprechauns, but not actually, you know, ON EARTH.

I make no bones about the fact that I'm totally rooting for Kris. I may actually fast-forward through all of Adam's numbers and just make stuff up. Just sayin'.

First things first, I LOVE Paula's dress.

But WHAT did she do to her hair? Was it darker? Shorter? Unwashed?

Ryan tells us that Kris is so brilliant he chose to go 2nd. Because that also means he performs LAST. Looks, talent, AND brains. Total package.

Ryan also wants us to set our DVRs "appropriately" tomorrow. I think he means "accordingly." Although I don't want any inappropriate DVR settings here in the Stughaus, to be sure.

So here we go!

Round 1:

Adam- Repeating Mad World. The first 32 seconds of this performance were my favorite of all of Adam's performances of the season. Because the fog, lights and camera angles? They hid his face. He's just so affected.

I've said it million times. The dude can sing. I just don't care for the theatrics.

Randy loved it. Kara driveled on and on and I didn't listen. Paula is proud. Simon said it was overtheatrical. Really? THIS performance? Out of all his performances? I'm smelling a rat already.

Kris- I have no words. I loved it. There was no making "eyes" at the camera. Just Kris and the music.

Randy said it was one of his best performances ever. Even Kara-the-Adam-Lover liked it, but I fast-forwarded through her 10 minute soliloquy. Paula was awake and feeling the "spirit." I think it's in her glass. Simon liked it too.

Round 1 belongs to...KRIS!

Round 2:

Adam- I was really digging Adam's suit. Was it silver? Gray? No matter. He rocked it with the turquoise tie. And I mean that. No sarcasm. Seriously.

He's got great vocal control and I was going to compliment the first half of the song, but the screechy, screamy, middle and end ruined it for me. So sorry, Adam.

Randy thought it was unbelievable. I didn't listen to Kara because cutting her out cuts the show down to 20 minutes. Paula jumped up and did a toe touch because she loved it so much. Simon said Adam's back in the game. I'm glad someone thought so.

Kris- Acoustic Kris, which I love.It's times like these when I pretend that the AI instrumentalists like to play for Kris better than Adam. They just look like they're having a good clean jammin' time. I don't think this song showed off an completely unbelievable side of Kris, but it was a solid performance.

Randy said it wasn't "big" enough. Even though KRIS DIDN'T PICK IT. Kara blabbered. Paula liked it. Simon thought it was a friendly jam session. I think that's kind of what I was trying to say. So I'll leave it at that.

Round 2...KRIS!

Round 3:

Adam- At first I thought he was wearing snakeskin leggings. Then I saw they were acid washed skinny jeans, Ew, either way. So it was another cheesy song about terrain and weather and how it relates to achieving your dream. Yawn. Actually I thought Adam's voice sounded kind of weak and tired during this song.

Randy thought it was pitchy. Kara acted like she was giving an acceptance speech. Paula's vocabulary reached its limit. Simon believed Adam is a worldwide star.

Kris- His voice is so much more pleasant. I think he missed some notes, though. And nice shot of the teleprompter. After 7 seasons of corny "achieve your dreams" tunes, are the words really that different?

Randy started with telling Kris he should be proud of himself. Did Kara speak? My ears can no longer hear her. Paula used the words amazing and compelling. Simon liked the first song best, but said that Kris deserves to be in the finals.

Round 3...KRIS!

When the season got started, I didn't even remember that a guy named Kris Allen auditioned. Then, when he was in the top 12, I thought he'd never last because he hadn't received as much exposure through editing. But here he was in the finals! And I'm totally voting for him tonight. And, hypothetically, if my sister who lives in Little Rock happens to have lunch in Conway tomorrow and if that place has Kris Allen shirts, she may hypothetically be buying one for me.

Off to vote!


  1. I too thought Kris did better tonight.

  2. Good point about Randy saying Kris's song wasn't big enough when he didn't even pick it. Hoping for a Kris victory!!!

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  4. great blog! you make me laugh!! although, paula did nothing to her hair...it's the 10 hours she spent in the tanning bed last night or the 4 volumes of spray tan she did before the show. HOLY COW!!!

  5. I don't even watch the show, but Adam and his eyeliner kind of creep me out.

  6. You need to tell us how you really feel about these two at some point. :p ;)

  7. We didn't set our DVR 'appropriately" last night so we misssed Carrie Underwood's song- which I actually wanted to hear! I still like Adam too and I think they kinda wrote Kris off at the end-his first piano song was SEXY!!!!

  8. Good luck to Krissy poo! He is such a sweetheart. Adam makes me gag. Literally. The tongue, the nailpolish, the screaching, all of it. Gag. I didn't like the way poor Kris was basically given patronizing comments at the last. Kinda like, "We already know Adam will win, but you tried hard. Good for you." What??? Wouldn't it be so awesome for Guyliner to eat crow tonight and come in second. I'm just sayin....

  9. I fast foward through Kara too! Ha! I liked Paula's dress but she could've done without the green rings..a little too much green for my liking. Go kris!

  10. My niece went to the kris allen community concert because she does live in Conway. and Adam is a ringer you know! I don't watch AI but I have seen snippets and heard ka on KLOVE.

  11. I totally voted for Kris a whole bunch of times! I'm sooo glad to hear someone else say that the second song did NOT sound good on Adam...hated it!

    I thought Kara's song was a sucky song for either of them. She did NOT do a good job writing a song that suited either of their voices or showcased either of their talents and range.

    We shall see what tonight brings!

  12. I've come over here to see your post on the win tonight. And you haven't posted yet!!! And now I just realized that you may be in a different time zone than me and you don't know who the winner is yet!! :) I'll be back to read your next post. :)


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