Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Neighbors

For the last 5 years, the only thing separating our sideyard and backyard from our neighbors sideyard and backyard was our flimsy chainlink fence, a small stretch of grass that should be a driveway and their short white picket fence marking the territory of their backyard. For 5 years, I have been able to stand at my kitchen sink and see right into their backyard. And the neighbors can see our backyard from theirs.

We aren't that great of friends with them. We're actually not even close to friends- we're no more than what most people are to their neighbors. We exchange friendly waves and chit-chat with the wife once in awhile, but the husband rarely even raises a hand in a wave when he sees us. Jason and I wonder if he's the keep-to-yourself kind of person or just plain unfriendly. We'll never know b/c he never acknowledges us, making us lean towards thinking he's unfriendly, but wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The wife told me recently that they are putting in a pool and they had some men out here this week working on it. Today the neighbors put up a privacy fence. What's a privacy fence for? To keep the neighbors from looking in. The funny thing? We're their ONLY neighbors!! We live on a deadend street and they are at the end of it. There's no one else looking in their backyard besides us. The funnier thing? I'm a little bit offended.

I know that's a ridiculous reaction, and it makes me giggle a little bit just thinking about it. I mean, I understand that people don't want others gawking at them while they lounge about in little (or no (eww!)) clothes by the pool. And if there were other people around I'd really get it, but it's just us. Peeping Toms, apparently. At least by the neighbors' standards. Honestly, I don't hang about in my kitchen waiting to catch a glimpse of their neighborly activities. But I guess they think we do it enough to warrant a privacy fence. Jason said to look on the bright side- at least they can't see into our backyard anymore either. We used to go out on the deck quite a bit before Luther, the massive yellow lab we used to own, chewed all the furniture cushions, tore apart the furniture and broke down one whole side rail of the deck. It's not quite the experience it used to be.

So now, when I look out my kitchen window, instead of their beautifully landscaped yard, I see a huge wooden fence. It's a strange sensation after having the same view for 5 years. Eventually I'll get used to it. Until , I guess I'll just have to avoid the kitchen.

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  1. this makes me laugh. i guess there not going to be the kind of neighbors that will let you use the pool whenever you want.


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