Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Sunday Stuff

When the boys were gone, I woke up at 5-freakin'-30 almost every morning. I give my mom a hard time about waking up early b/c everyone knows you don't sleep as much when you get old and retired. And you have to eat dinner at 3:00 in the afternoon. So I didn't know if the reality of old age was falling upon me, or if it was a psychological phenomenon because I knew there would be no boys and their regular morning bickering to rouse me from sleep. It must have been psychological b/c when Cade woke me up at 6:30 today, I could barely open my eyes. Praise Jesus for Sunday afternoon naps (naps- another thing I didn't need when the boys were away...).

Eating lunch out on Sunday afternoons with 3 kids when Jason's working is an activity to be avoided. So today I decided that McD's drive-thru was going to provide our mid-day "nutrition." Wrong! Their credit card machine was down so I couldn't use my debit card and since I never have cash, I had to devise Plan B pretty quickly. Actually, Plan B1 was to cuss at McD's in my heart. Plan B2 was to drive down a main thoroughfare in town to see what looked like it would be the fastest place to grab some lunch. We ended up stopping at another burger place where we actually hadto get out. Of course, since Sunday afternoon lunch with 3 kids isn't enough of a fiasco as it is, the burger place was out of chicken strips, which was what Micah had his heart set on. Once I promised ice cream to the good little children who eat their sandwiches without crying over the lack of chicken, we actually had a pretty calm lunch. Score one for mommy!

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