Saturday, May 24, 2008

Growing Up

Yesterday, Jason and I attended Micah's Pre-Kindergarten graduation. It was a little ironic b/c this was actually his 2nd year in PK. We held him out of kinder for an extra year b/c his birthday is so late in the summer and we thought it would give him some time to mature socially and emotionally. We'll see if there are any fruits of our labor next year when he's actually in school.

The "ceremony" was very sweet. Micah got to wear his "fancy clothes" (his words). They played a "make-your-momma-cry" video with pictures of all the children as they've grown up. Then Micah's teacher, Mrs. Morgan, presented all of the children with diplomas and called out what they wanted to be when they grow up. Micah wants to be a detective. Which is funny b/c I thought he wanted to be a super hero. I'm actually a little relieved he didn't tell his teacher that, and went with the more respectable detective instead.

Here are a few pictures

It's hard to believe that my smart little boy will be starting school, real school, soon. Before long, the pressures of friends, schoolwork, self-image, and all the other junk that comes with growing up will be reality for him. On the other hand, as he grows, Jason and I get to be participants in Micah's journey of faith. We'll get to see how he glorifies Jesus with his life. I think it will be a difficult and amazing adventure. I pray that, as parents, Jason and I have the wisdom and grace to shepherd his heart in a way that allows him to not only learn from his choices along the way, but also causes him to fall in love with Jesus more everyday.

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