Saturday, May 3, 2008

That's Funny Stuff!

Have I ever mentioned that my boys can be quite hilarious? I don't think they always mean to be. I know they don't, actually. Probably it's just Jason's and my twisted sense of humor that cause us to think our boys are comedic geniuses.

I have to share something Cade said yesterday and keeps repeating which makes me crack up everytime... Yesterday, Jason bought his Father's Day present (which cost 3 x's as much as my Mother's Day present b/c he says we all get to use his gift while only I will use my gift. Such justification!) of a flat screen TV b/c we got our economic-stimulus-really-tax-advance-check directly deposited into our account. We certainly want to do out part for the economy (not that I honestly think it's going to do much good, but my (limited) political views are not pertinent to this particular post).

ANYWAY, everytime Cade comes into the living room, he keeps proclaiming that our new TV is HORNORMOUS. OK, I haven't spelled that word here the exact way I see it in my head b/c I don't want to be too offensive, but say it out loud a time or two and you'll see why we think it's so funny.

I can't figure out what 2 words he might be combining to get to HORNORMOUS, but you can bet I'll be adopting this adjective into my own vernacular. And I'll be waiting for the exact moment for appropriate delivery. And it's gonna be dang funny!

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