Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Picture is Worth...

...nothing if I'm the one behind the viewfinder. HA! Just had to share that I got my Mother's Day/economically-stimulating gift yesterday- a Canon EOS Digital Rebel!!! I don't have time to post any samples of my photographic genius at this moment, but stay tuned! Consider this a teaser to keep my tens of readers coming back for more. I hope to get some pictures of the cutest children to ever walk the face of the earth (AKA: mine) really soon.

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing with the thing. The extent of my photography skills begins at 'point' and ends at 'shoot.' Now I'm in a world of manual focus, shutter speed, and aperture. I don't know what those words mean exactly, but I do know they are photography terms and that's half the battle, right? Thankfully I have a couple of wonderful friends who are photographers by trade that I'm planning to hit up for some free lessons. But no plans to quit the day job any time soon.

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  1. My photo skills are very below the average line as well. My wife doesn't even have to pretend to try, and her pictures are incredible.

    Going to miss you guys this summer. Hope all is well!


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