Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is time REALLY on my side?

Just a warning that this post is a MAJOR whine, so go ahead and call the WAAAAmbulance. And cue the violins.

I totally heart Google reader b/c it keeps me organized and current with all the blogs I follow, including a little bragging blog from my college alma mater keeping me abreast of how wonderful they are and all the amazing things other alumni that aren't me are doing. And reminding me that I should send them money. Seriously- the most recent email I got from them said to "Click here for a holiday surprise." So I did, thinking that maybe they were going to mail me a check for like 10% of my 4 years of tuition which might, like, pay off our mortgage or something. But no, the "treat" was that I could pay THEM. How does that work exactly? In this case, while I love my alma mater, the gift is not in the giving. The giving is OVER. Because even though I obtained a very expensive degree, I'm not really seeing the pay off in my current career. But I digress.

So yesterday I go to check the university's blog and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A friend of mine from COLLEGE is now a 2-day winner on Jeopardy! And it's not University Week. He's a real adult. And I'm a real adult. And I realized it's been OVER 10 YEARS since I last saw him.

When I was a sophomore in college, my 3 roommates and I lived in an apartment next door to 3 guys who were seniors. We all got to be pretty good friends, as 1 of my roomies and I were in an organization with 2 of the neighbors. We spent alot of time watching The Simpsons and King of the Hill together, spelling threatening messages with candy corns on on one another's front porches, and eating burritos at a hole-in-the-wall that had previously been closed for "remodeling" (but suspisciously didn't look any different when they reopened).

Mr. Jeopardy Winner was a buddy of the neighbors. Although he didn't live there, he spent a lot of time hanging out. He and I sang in a small choir together and had some other mutual friends. That year was a blast for many reasons, but partly because of our neighbors and their buddies.

Since that year, all the neighbors, plus Mr. Jeopardy Winner have gotten married. My roommates and I are all married. I have 3 children, including one who is too quickly encroaching upon 7. 7!!! As in YEARS OF AGE! Several of us have lost touch, but a few have reconnected through the miracle of technology that is Facebook.

It was really cool to see this guy winning on Jeopardy yesterday. Until I actually calculated the math and realized how long it's really been since I saw him last. Which took me a minute because I'm terrible at math. Then I got online to price Polident and Preparation H. And I'll throw in Centrum Silver for good measure.

When did this happen?!?! How did an entire DECADE go by and how can it possibly still feel like it was YESTERDAY? YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!


Since the 2nd anniversary of my 28th birthday 14 months ago, I've had a hard time with "growing up." I don't "feel" like a middle-aged mom of 3 kids. Does that ever happen? When is life going to slow down and let me catch up?

10 years.

That's a long time. And in many ways, not that long at all.


  1. I saw that, too, and bragged to friends last night about our Baylor Bears! (and then they brought up the woman on Real Housewives of Orange County, and I tried to shush them to no avail).

    Anyhoo, when I turned 31 I felt my age for the first time in my life. I feel ya.

  2. Alas, my young friend, I'm a whole decade ahead of you. A word of warning, it just goes faster. I'm expecting my AARP card in the mail any day now.

  3. Just wait until your baby is 16 and thinks he is ready to drive and date and all those other things 16 year old's think they have they ability to do!!! That is when you will really wonder where did the time go!!

  4. @ kpg: I haven't seen Real Housewives- is there a BU grad on there?? I've heard it's a trainwreck!

    @ Denyse: I hope you get some coupons and discounts with your AARP card! HAHA!

    @ Terri: Don't even go there. My kids are not leaving the house until they're at least 30. But yours, on the other hand... Of course Megan should be able to date and drive!! ;)

  5. i haven't been by to read your blog in a while...i blame school...however i have now added it to my blogs to follow (don't know why it wasn't already) and i can assure you that your comic relief MAKES MY DAY!!!!!!!! are hilarious! so glad you grew up that way! :)


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