Monday, December 8, 2008

National Bankruptcy Day

I'm....ummmm...."interrupting" my favorite things posts (to which I've been so dedicated and committed) for a very important public service announcement. I have like TEENS of readers, so I'm catching a big audience here.

I wanted to share something very concerning to me as a consumer and occasional "maker of children's articles." On February 10, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is passing a Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in order to cut the use of lead and phthalates and children's products. While I'm TOTALLY FOR stricter standards to decrease or even eliminate lead and phthlates in children's products, the new ban will have a devestating effect on our economy. In a nutshell, any producer of items intended for use by a child 12 or under, including CLOTHING manufacturers, will have put each component of each item through stringent and EXPENSIVE testing. Basically, home-based businesses will go under. Any mom (or dad) who makes children's items will not be able to afford the amount of testing that will be required and they will have to shut their doors. Besides putting millions out of business, the new regulations for testing will drive up the cost of these goods TREMENDOUSLY! Consignment shops, thrift shops, ebay and Craigslist, yard/garage sales will be but a distant memory, as items without a certificate of testing can no longer be sold.

Here are a few links to other blogs discussing this same issue and it's serious effects:

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Please consider taking action and writing or calling your representative regarding this action.

And now back to my regularly scheduled slacking...

UPDATE:  I wanted to add this link to make it SUPER easy to email your senators and representatives.  

And NOW back to my slacking.  For real this time.


  1. thanks so much for posting this, amanda.

  2. @ Jen- Sure! I think this issue is too far under the radar and people have NO IDEA how this will affect all of us. If you know of other blogs talking about it, let me know and I'll add links.


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