Monday, December 8, 2008

My Favorite Things- Day 3

To further incriminate myself and further prove that I'm a geriatric trapped in a "young" body, I could hardly wait to share one of my newest favorite things.

My parents, who now qualify for the "senior" discount in eating establishments, were in town visiting over the weekend.  While my mom and I might not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, we share a love of all things outlet, indeed.  I think my mom has been to an outlet mall in each of the 50 US states.  Make that 49 b/c I don't think they had access to an outlet mall on their Alaskan cruise a few years ago, but if there HAD been an outlet, you can dang sure bet she would have been there.

Imagine my delight when she got online and found a NEW outlet gem about an hour from my house.  Bless you, o internet, for you are a fount of information regarding good deals on inferior garments.  The plus side for her was that this particular mall was the closest location for her favorite outlet store, Crabtree and Evelyn.  Where my mom buys lotion by the gallon.  I kid you not.  A GALLON.  Only at an outlet...

C&E was the first store we went into and since we got there about 2 seconds after the doors were unlocked, we were the only customers, which meant my mom, to her great pleasure, got the full and undivided attention of the sales associate, Jane.   What else could an SA at C&E be named?? 

At some point in our conversations with the sweet lady Jane, I must have hinted at the dryness that plagues my hands during the winter months.  Because I work with kids and I have kids,  I wash my hands a thousand times per day with water that's about 1 degree warmer that ice.  They tend to get a little dry.  And they crack.  Which hurts.  I don't like pain.

Being the excellent saleslady she was, Jane introduced me to this amazing new product:

It's a pleasantly-scented hand scrub, called Hand Recovery, and a lovely lotion, aptly named Hand Therapy.  With all the recovery and therapy my hands have been a part of the last few days, thanks to these products, I now have the hands of...someone more youthful.  

I feel compelled to add that I'm not receiving any sort of incentive for promoting this.  As IF.  I could only wish that enough people read this blog to warrant free stuff!  But I do love it, and if you're a geriatric at heart and love products marketed for the senior set, and I don't mean high school, this is the BEST stuff I have ever put on my appendages.  And I love that word... appendages.  


  1. That stuff is awesome! I buy it for my mom every Xmas. I did not know, though, that it's available by the gallon. ;)

  2. I definitely need to check this out!


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